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l was paddled in school today

This is a United States poll tracking midde(jr high), & high school students who received corporal punishment in the 2014-2015 school year in public schools in states that allows corporal punishment. Please take this poll with in 48 hours after receiving corporal punishment and be truthful in your responses. Thanks!
Native American
Choose what applies to you
I'm in a state that allows corporal punishment and was paddled
I'm not in a state that allow corporal punishment but was still paddled in school
My school district/state doesn't allow corporal punishment so l was spanked at home for getting in trouble at school
I go to a private school and was paddled. Can I take this poll?(Sure)
I live outside the US and was spanked at school or home for getting in trouble at school and also want to take this poll(ok you can)
I was paddled
Before school
1st period
2nd period
3rd period
Between changing classes
4th period
During lunch
5th period
6th period
7th period
After school
I was spanked at home for getting in trouble at school today
Please choose the one that's closet to what happened
I was sent to office
I was called to the office
I was brought in the coaches office
It happened in class or outside the class in the hall
My parents were called
I got in trouble for
Being disrespectful/disruptive towards a teacher or staff
Disruptive behavior when a substitute was teaching
Using foul language
Did not serve a detention/burned it off
Was disruptive in class
Hit another student (other student didn't hit back)
Violating dress code
Having drugs or alcohol with me
Bullying another student
General misbehavior/inappropriate conduct
How was it handled?
No option I got paddled
I opted to take the paddling instead of detention/suspension or other corrective action
I was spanked at home.
I didn't opt to get paddled made the principal call my parents and to my misfortune they approved
Parents were called they didn't approve. I got spanked at home.
I received____swat(s)
Was spanked at home 1-6 swats
Was spanked at home 7+
My reaction while being paddled at school
I yelled ouch (in some variation) with every swat
I cried through it all
I cried after it was done
I gave no reaction
I was spanked at home l yelled out or cried
I was spanked at home l gave no reaction
Were you spanked at home for being paddled at school?
No just got a lecture and/or grounded
Yes I got the same amount of swats
Yes l got double the swats
Yes l and my mom/dad didn't count she/he just wore me out
I was spanked at home not at school
My parents don't know l got paddled
I was told l will be spanked for being paddled at school today
Was the paddling at school or the spanking you received at home justified?
Today I was paddled by
Principal Male
Principal Female
Vice Principal Male
Vice Principal Female
Teacher Male
Teacher Female
Coach Male
Coach Female
Staff Male
Staff Female
Will the paddling effect how you behave in school
Yes l won't do that again and be a more responsible student
I'm just a kid who made a mistake l don't try to get in trouble
I can't seem to stay out of trouble and I am sure l will be paddled throughout the school year
I love being mischievous and the threat of being paddled makes it sweeter when l don't get caught
What's the corporal punishment policy at your school?
Consent to paddle has to be signed by the parent at the start of the school year
Parents have to be called first
The student can opt out and choose to be paddled or take a detention/suspension/Saturday school
The school doesn't need parental permission to paddle
I don't know l just took the licks
Corporal punishment is prohibited in my school
This concludes the poll. Thanks!
I hope my parents don't find out l got paddled
My parents found out l can paddled and stated it will be discussed at home
I got i in trouble at home for being paddled at school (grounded)
I got spanked at home for being paddled at school
The school was called and told to never paddle me again
Since my school can't paddle l got spanked at home
This poll was created on 2014-07-24 18:15:04 by aries44