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last week on an out-of-town trip I saw a guy wearing a pair of the 3-strap Birkenstock Florida sandals, in dark brown. Birkenstock bills the Florida as a women's sandal, and offers them only up to size 42. Just the same, some men happen to like wearing Floridas, and not to care who may disapprove of their wearing them. I complimented him on them, and told him I too have a pair, in navy blue, and another in light tan. Later that day I dug out both pairs, neither of which I had worn in years. The straps of both felt tight at first, but the navy blue pair (size 43) soon loosened up a bit, and felt very comfortable. With the light tan pair (size 44), I had a shoemaker let the straps out one notch each; they too soon loosened up and felt even more comfortable than the other pair.
Do you like seeing men wearing Floridas?
Yes, if they feel comfortable - they look nice and sexy!
No, thy're for women only.
This poll was created on 2014-08-11 03:28:10 by shoeless_mark