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Spanked in Public

Have you ever been spanked in public ?
If yes, what was your approximate age ?
What was your mode of dress during the spanking ?
Over pants
Over skirt/dress
Over short pants
Skirt/dress lifted, On panties
Pants, shorts lowered on panties
Skirt/dress lifted, panties down on bare bottom
pants/shorts and panties lowered on bare bottom
Who witnessed this spanking ? Check all that apply.
Girls younger than you
Girls about your age
Girls older than you
Boys younger than you
Boys about your age
Boys older than you
How did you react ? Answewr all that apply.
I cried
I kicked
I screamed
I had no visible reaction
How did the witnesses react ? Check all that apply.
Someone tried to stop my spanking
Some or all laughed
Some or all watched silently
Some turned to look away
Which was worse ?
The pain
The embarrassment/humiliation
Both were horrible
Neither really bothered me (I'm a masochistic show-off)
This poll was created on 2015-03-21 08:05:57 by rogesq