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Costume help!

My boyfriend and I are going to be Hugh Hefner and a playboy bunny for an upcoming party. I thought it would be really funny for him to be the bunny, and I talked him into it, so we are making this poll to see what people think! It will of course include ears, a tail, and bow tie.
Who do you think should be the bunny?
Should he wear booty shorts and a top or a leotard?
Booty shorts and a top
Leotard with booty shorts over it
What should he wear over his legs?
Opaque tights
Thigh high stockings with a garter belt
What shoes should he wear? (He's athletic, so I'm sure he can handle walking in heels)
1-2 inch heels
3-4 inch heels
5+ inch heels
What should we do with his fingernails?
Paint them a bright color
Glue false nails on
He should wear elbow length gloves
Should we give him breasts?
Yes, stuff his bra
Should he wear makeup? If so, how much?
Just a little (foundation, blush)
Medium amount (above + eyeliner and mascara)
A lot (above + eyeshadow and lipstick)
No makeup
Should he wear a wig?
Should he shave?
Yes, everywhere hair is showing
Just his face
Please leave any other suggestions or relevant stories here! Thanks!
This poll was created on 2015-04-14 00:21:18 by jlong00