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Have you ever pooped your pants as a teen?

Have you ever pooped in your pants as a teen?
Was it by accident or on purpose?
On purpose
How old were you when it happened?
What were you wearing?
How big was the load?
Small piece in underwear
Medium sized
Underwear was completely full
Did it make a sound when you pooped? If yes, what type?
Yes, it sounded like a crackling noise
Yes, a crackling noise and some farting
What did you do after?
Nothing, just walked around with poopy pants
Tell an adult
Walked around, sat down and squished it
Kept touching my butt and squished the load around
Walked around with it, sat down and squished it, and then told an adult or someone else after it started to cool down
How messy was it if it was squished?
Not bad
A little messy
Very messy, poop in between butt and all over butt cheeks
If you told an adult, what did they do?
Scolded you
Were sympathetic and helpful
If you told an adult did they check you?, if so how?
Yes, they pulled out the elastic of my underwear and pants and looked inside.
Yes, they felt the back of the pants
Yes, they sniffed the back of my pants
Did they clean you up or did you clean yourself?
I cleaned myself
They cleaned me up in the bathroom or another room.
What did they (or if you did it yourself) use to clean up?
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Did you stand up or lay down when being changed?
Lay down and lifted my legs to clean me
Stand up straight as I was being wiped
Standing up, but was told to bend over
This probably should have been the first of second question, but where did you poop in your pants?
Friends house
Other public place
Are you a boy or girl?
Finally, how did you feel about the experience?
Turned on
What did they (or you) do after you were cleaned?
Took a shower or bath and put on new underwear and pants
They put me in new underwear and pants and sent me on my way
Put me in new underwear and clothes, then made me clean out my poopy pants in the sink or toilet.
This poll was created on 2015-09-06 02:15:52 by ABkido9493