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Married women: Would you barter sex for goods and services?

Sex bartering has been around for thousands of years. What are your limits?
I am a ...
Married woman (please continue)
Single woman (stop here)
Man (stop here)
How old are you?
Under 20
60 or older
What is the least valuable material object that you would trade sex for?
Million dollars or more
I would only trade for something important that couldn't be bought at any price
There is nothing that I would trade sex for
Which of these would you consider trading sex for?
Sold out concert tickets
Getting my son or daughter into an exclusive school
To not get fired for doing something wrong
A job or promotion for me
A job or promotion for my husband
Being on television
Delay foreclosure or eviction for a month
Admission to college or graduate school
To not be arrested
Getting into an exclusive club
An "A" in a class
The man you are bartering with refuses to use protection. Would you ...
Say "no protection, no deal."
Try to talk him into using protection, but do it with him anyway if he refuses
Actually prefer he not use protection
How would you feel while bartering sex?
Turned on
How would your husband feel if you bartered sex?
Turned on
Since you've been married, have you ever actually bartered sex?
Several times
Many times
Your comments are welcomed. Tell about a time you actually did this, or tell about what you are considering.
This poll was created on 2015-12-01 16:28:37 by Melissa.Turner