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Mr Poll phasing out adult polls and message boards

Posted by Mister Poll on 2015-12-28 07:32:42 Happy Holidays, Misterpollsters! We have finally arrived at a major decision. Starting today, we will no longer host explicit adult polls and messages. The polling site has unfortunately become an avenue for abuse, targeting to minors, and many other potentially criminal offenses. We will begin deleting these while we do the redesign. If you want to save your old adult-themed polls, please do so now as it will be taken out of the site soon. The reason for the decision is to keep the site family-friendly in the upcoming revamp. We know that this decision will make the site lose a segment of our loyal users. It was a tough call but we believe that this is for the best. We thank you for understanding ******************************************** This topic board was locked. Now here is your chance to comment pro or con.
Do you agree with Mr Poll Administration's decision to end adult polls and message boards?
Yes, it was the right decision
Yes, it's their site
No, but l understand why
No, it's puts limits on people being able to express themselves
Do you agree that the polls became an avenue for abuse?
Yes, some of it was getting out of hand
No, taking the polls were optional
Some polls were on the deep end but to each their own
I really have no opinion if the poll applied to me l took it if not l didn't
Did many polls target minors?
Some were inappropriate for minors to be answering
I think minors to some extent should be allowed to answer polls that are on the edge, kids have opinions too
There is an option to not have adult polls they can use it
No l don't believe minors were targeted
I'm in the middle, their are creeps on the internet it is the parent's responsibility to monitor
What about promoting criminal activity?
This is an international site so what is criminal or not is based on culture and local community standards
I saw some polls that were pushing legal envelopes
I didn't notice any polls doing that
That maybe the case, l didn't see it
Mr Poll wants the site to be more family friendly
Again it's their site they can manage how they want
Family friendly based on what family standards?
If you like the more mature themed polls will you still stay with Mr Poll once they're gone?
Not sure
I don't care for those mature content polls but believe they should stay, so l will leave if Mr Poll censors them
I didn't like those mature polls and glad they are gone
What is your main concern with Mr Poll's decision?
We will now get in a gray area of what is permitted and what isn't
Mr Poll will now turn into a "word" and "thought" police making it harder for people to create polls on touchy subjects
That Mr Poll will be "selective" on what is family friendly
No concern, l welcome the change
Mr Poll's new policy is it to make it more family friendly or more politically correct?
More family friendly
More politically correct
That's not a fair question I'm sure they thought it over and looked at all angles
Probably a little bit of both
Will this policy help or hurt Mr Poll
As mentioned, Mr Poll will lose a lot of loyal longtime users
It will make the site more user friendly for those who don't like mature polls
The site will plummet in use and popularity
Time will tell
This concludes the poll. Please make additional comments in the message board
I hope Mr Poll Admins reconsiders
I'm glad Mr Poll made the change
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