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Compulsory Swimming Lessons in School

A poll for those who were required to swim at school in a physical education course or a similar situation.
What is your gender?
At what age were you required to swim in a physical education course or similar scenario?
12 or younger
At the time, did you enjoy swimming at all?
No, not at all
I felt indifferently about it
I liked swimming a little bit
I liked swimming a lot
Did swimming in a school environment affect how much you enjoyed swimming?
Yes, it made it less enjoyable
Yes, it made it more enjoyable
No, I enjoyed it the same
What was the punishment for not swimming?
There was no punishment, swimming was more or less optional
You could fail a portion of the course
You could fail the entire course
A severe academic punishment
Did your class swim in a pool or a natural body of water?
A pool
A natural body of water
How many people were in the class, roughly?
Fewer than 10
10 to 30
30 to 50
50 to 100
More than 100
Was the class Co-ed?
No, we were all the same gender?
Were you required to wear a specific swimsuit?
We were given specific swimwear that we had to wear
We had to purchase specific swimwear that we had to wear
We had some freedom to choose our own swimwear
If you were required to wear a specific swimsuit, what was it like?
It was similar to a wet suit that covered me from my thighs to my neck
It was a pair of loose swim shorts
It was a pair of tight swim shorts
It was like a speedo and just covered my pelvis and rear
It was a one-piece suit that covered from my pelvis to my chest
If you didn't have a specific suit that you were required to wear, were there restrictions to what you could wear?
Boys had to cover their chest
Boys had to wear tight swimsuits, such that they couldn't fall off
Boys had to wear swimsuits that covered their thighs
Boys were required to wear suits that covered their genitals and their rear
Boys had no such requirements
Girls were required to wear a one-piece that covered their midriff
Girls could wear a two-piece swimsuit, but all straps had to be wide
Girls could not show any cleavage
Girls could not show any of their rear
Girls had no such requirements
Other / more specific:
What were the changing facilities like?
Private stalls only
Option between private stalls and open locker room
Open locker room only
How would you change?
Using a private stall
Come to school with my swimsuit underneath my normal clothes, and just take off my outer clothes
Strip to my underwear, but put my swimsuit on over my underwear
Cover myself with a towel while I change
Change completely in an open locker room
Were you embarrassed to wear a swimsuit in front of other people?
Yes, a little
Yes, very much so
No, not at all
If you wish, please use the box below to describe your specific experiences in Compulsory school swimming lessons
This poll was created on 2016-11-15 00:28:28 by blackhawke55