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What should I wear?

I go to university and I need some tips, what to wear. So, if You were Me, what'd you choose?

What should I wear in May in university?

31% (5) T-shirt, shorts, flip-flops (no socks) (Boys usually don't wear flipflops, but some of them do)
43% (7) T-shirt, shorts, barefoot (Buses and city are dirty, but it dowsn't matter)
12% (2) Just go to school like other boys do
12% (2) Pyjamas (Yeah, I'm crazy :D no matter what the others say!)

16 voters have answered this question.

You chose an option. Why that? Please tell me:

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16 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2016-12-05 20:47:59 by Durmi
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