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Sibling fart

I like to fart on little brother when I was young. It was fun for me to release stinky fart especially on his face. Sometimes I even fart on his face to wake him up and sit on his face to make him sniff my fart. hehe... seem like I am an evil sister. Do you guys have similar experience in childhood?
What is your gender?
How many sibling you have?
more than 4
You are ?
Elder brother
Elder sister
Little brother
Little sister
Do you have experience of fart or been fart by your sibling?
Why you fart on your sibling?
It is fun
I like to torture him/her
I feel good when farting on him/her
He/She ask me to do
Other reason
How you fart on your sibling usually ?
On his/her face
Beside him/her
Grab the fart by hand and open on her/his face
When wrestling
Other, pls let me know if possible
How your sibling react to your fart?
Hate it
Feeling disgusting
Love it
No response
Do your sibling revenge on you after you fart on them?
No, they don't dare to revenge
How your fart smell?
Very stinky
Slightly smell
Doesn't smell at all
Depend on what food I ate
Please share your most remembered farting memories to me (You can ignore this question if you want to)
This poll was created on 2016-12-22 18:08:34 by Alice1371