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What to wear on a school trip?

You and your class are going to a school trip in a warm May, to the Mountains. Almost every day there's mountain climbing, long walks around the local lake, or going out to see local museums in the village. What do you wear then?
Are you a male or female
How old are you?
under 14 (primary school)
14-18 (high school)
19-24 (college/university)
over 24 (Are you a teacher?)
What do your PJs consist of?
Footwear: If you sleep barefoot, don't check this
What do your daytime clothes consist of?
Do you have "freetime" clothes? (you wear them before and after daytime programmes, at the accomodation)
Yes, explain
Yes, I wear them instead of PJs too, please explain
No, I wear daytime clothes all day
No, I wear PJs while at accomodation, and daytime clothes on the bus
Do you change clothes before going to bed?
Daytime clothes. Sleep barefoot?
PJs. Sleep barefoot?
"Freetime" clothes. Sleep barefoot?
Clothes I wear tomorrow. Sleep barefoot?
OK, Let's do it: Today, the class had an intensive mountain climbing. It's evening, and - after a long day - the class is having a BBQ, sitting around the campfire. Some of your classmates have already had a shower, and changed clothes. What about you?
Wear whatewer you wore during the day
Wear clothes you want to wear tomorrow
Wear your PJs
Wear "freetime" clothes
Another evening, after a warm, but cooler day. Class is having the well-known BBQ, but tonight, some classmates are going to put in some music, and having a party 'till 3 am. If you are over 18, there will be alcohol too. What about you?
Wear daytime clothes in the party
Wear "freetime" clothes in the party
Wear PJs in party - classmates will like it
Wear PJs in party - classmates will laugh at you, but no matter
Don't go to the party. Instead go to bed!
Next day - class is going to go to the lake in the afternoon. Almost all of your classmates are go for a swim in tha lake. What about you?
Don't go swim - go back to accomodation
Don't go swim - stay on the beach
Don't go swim - Dip your barefeet into the water, and enjoy
Go swim in your underwear
Go swim in your daytime clothes. Barefoot?
Change to "freetime" clothes at accomodation, then go swim in clothes. Barefoot?
Change to PJs at accomodation, then swim in your PJs barefoot.
The trip is ended, and the class will go home by a 10-hours-long bus travel, with 5 stops. Teachers allow students to remove footwear while on the bus, but PJs are forbidden. You are in your "freetime" clothes. What do you do?
Remove footwear, even if you are the only one
Remove footwear if some classmates remove theirs
Don't remove footwear
Despite the rules, change into PJs, and teachers will tell your parents, that you behave badly
If you want to, please tell me stories, about what you or some others wear on a school trip for various activities. You can even give me tips about how to be barefoot on a schol trip (maybe flipflops/sliders?). Forum is also available :)
Uh, one last thing. This is a 5-day trip. How often do you shower?
After daytime activity AND in the evening (twice a day)
In the evening OR after the daytime activity (once a day)
Once in every two days ":|
Only once, Oh my god!
Never shower or have bath, God please save the world!
Better to not tell
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