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Teen in shirt #1 - Home Dress Code (3rd)

Some time passed, things have changed... And my dress code was relaxed for a while. Currently, I must wear only long sleeved shirt, trousers and shoes. Nothing else. But that is only until new dress code will be estabilished for me. I feel that I need it and that it has to be strict, cause I'm misbehaving again. Please, help me with my final HOME DRESS CODE.
I'm definitely going to wear a long sleeved shirt. But what shirt?
White long sleeved shirt
Solid colored long sleeved shirt
Plaid long sleeved shirt
How should I wear my shirt?
Completely buttoned
Collar unbutoned
Collar and few other buttons unbuttoned
Father is going to starch my shirts, but how many layers of starch?
1 - Slightly starched, almost isn't stiff
2 - A little bit stiff
3 - Starts to be uncomfortable
4 - Is more uncomfortable
5 - It is very stiff and it's very hard to move in it
Should the collar have more layers of starch than the rest of the shirt?
Yes, +1
Yes, +2
Yes, +3
What trousers should I be allowed to wear?
Dress trousers
Something else
I will wear a belt that has 7 holes - hole no. 3 is the optimum. How tight (in what hole) should my belt be?
5 - Very tight, limits my movement and safely locks my shirt in trousers
6 - Almost impossible to achieve, the shirt can't go out, it is impossible to stick a finger between body and belt
7 - TIghtest, it's impossible to move with it, it's very painful and it hurts
My trousers are going to be in some position. How much above my waist should they be?
0cm, around the waist
4cm, my balls hurts
Should I wear a waistcoat?
Yes - very tight
Yes - tight enough to ensure proper posture
Yes - not too tight
Should I wear a pullover?
Yes, woolen v-neck
Yes, woolen rounded
I'll definetly wear a necktie, but what knot should I use?
Windsor Full
Windsor Half
How tight should the collar of shirt be? (the most relaxed level I'll be allowed)
Can put 2 fingers between collar and neck
Can put 1 finger between col and neck
No fingers can be put between col and neck
Should I wear a jacket?
Yes, waistcoat + jacket
Yes, pullover + jacket
Yes, only jacket
Should I have any of these privileges in my room? (my father says no)
Loosen tie
Unbutton collar
Take off jacket
Should I be locked in my dress code somehow to ensure that I'll wear it properly?
Small suitcase lock in belt
Necktie tied through loop of the pullover (unlooseable)
Necktie sprayed with starch
Something else
How should I be punished if I misbehave OR I don't wear my clothes properly?
Do you have dress code at home? If yes, explain
Anything else to say?
This poll was created on 2017-04-26 22:32:21 by iboshi