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Wicca 101

Okay, if you think this is full of you know what, just go to another poll, okay? This is just to gauge the open- minded populace, so if you're not... there are plenty of other polls that cater to your more limited tastes. Also... IF YOUR ANSWER ON ANY QUESTION IS "OTHER," PLEASEPLEASE PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THE BOARD! I want to make this as all- encompassing as possible.
Do you feel like you know what Wicca is?
Yes, I practice
Yes, I used to practice
Yes, I have Wiccan friends
Yes, I have studied it
Yes, and it contradicts what I believe
No, I'm not sure
No, I am not interested
No, I've never heard of it
No, but I am interested
What is Wicca to you?
A nature based religion
A bi- theistic system
A poly- theistic system
A religion that uses diety as symbols for natural truth
An ancient religion
A modern religion stemming from old beliefs
A guide to spirituality rather than a religion
A way to improve your interaction with the world around you
A way to better understand life and its mysteries
A connection to the Divine
Open to interpretation
A trap for teenagers
An outdated religion
An excuse for playing with magic
One of the Devil's traps
The same as Satanism
A trend
Would you be interested in learning about Wiccan beliefs and practices?
Yes, I can always learn more about my religion
Yes, I am considering Wicca as my path to the Divine
Yes, I am open to new ideas
Yes, mostly to confirm my own beliefs in what I believe to be true
Yes, to increase my knowledge
No, it doesn't interest me
No, it is contradictory to my beliefs
No, I don't have time
No, I don't know enough about my own religion yet
No, I believe it is Satan in disguise
No, I don't think witchcraft is morally right
What is magic to you?
A way to influence and transform my life and world around me
A way to gain insight
A way to get what I want
A way to punish others
Superstitious hoodoo
Mysterious and intimidating
A pact with Satan
What words do you prefer for those who practice Wicca?
Fey One
Wise One
Wyrd Sister
Old Soul
Is practicing magic an essential part of being Wiccan?
Yes, it is the most important thing
Yes, it is part of the big picture and cannot be ignored
No, it is not necessary
No, magic should not be practiced
No, magic is not real so it doesn't mean anything
No, it's antiquated
It's spelled MAGICK, girl, get it right!
How should Wiccans be treated?
As sacred beings just like everyone else
As reasonable minded people
As people who have rights to believe what they want
As strange people, but people nonetheless
As people who are confused and deluded
Like any flake- just smile and nod or ignore them
As practitioners of the dark arts
As ignorant but cheerful pagans (you know, first layer of hell stuff, the virtuous pagans)
Where does modern Wicca come from?
the Norse
the Welsh
the Greek
the Faeries
Folk custom
Whatever culture the practitioner identifies with
Do Wiccans believe in the Devil or hell? (this is a general knowledge question, there is a CORRECT answer...)
I'm not sure
What practices in Wicca most appeal to you?
Communing with nature
Enhancing awareness
Honoring the earth
Communing with other dimensions
A religion I can interpret myself
Joining a coven
Relating to my heritage
Understanding people and motivations
Having more control over my life
Meeting people with similar interests
This poll was created on 2001-12-07 05:19:26 by wrenfalling