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Human Spay and Neuter

I noticed in another poll that there seem to be plenty of people who would be okay with the idea of spay/neuter practices being applied to themselves. I want to explore this a bit farther

Do you feel that someone, other than yourself, should be able to have you sterilized. (Castration for Males, Spaying for Females)

84% (28) Yes
15% (5) No (please skip to the last question)

33 voters have answered this question.

If yes, then who

62% (18) Mother/Female guardian
72% (21) Father/Male guardian
37% (11) School official
24% (7) City official
24% (7) State official
24% (7) Federal official
41% (12) Doctor
6% (2) Religious official

29 voters have answered this question.

If you answered yes to the first question, should you be allowed the choice of hormone replacement?

31% (9) Yes, the option to have replacement hormones is vital
68% (20) No, the choice should lie with the person(s) from the previous question

29 voters have answered this question.

What is your gender

78% (26) Biological Male
18% (6) Biological Female
0% (0) Transgender Male
3% (1) Transgender Female
0% (0) Your gender is not listed

33 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2022-03-10 15:41:09 by SimpleBloke
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