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Popping balls!

Hello! This poll will seek to discover and research how common bursting/popping/cracking balls/nuts/eggs really is! Now, I'm sure most of us know that this is very common indeed, but it's still taboo - people don't admit how often it happens! So here, anonymously, you can reveal these hidden ballpopping secrets!
Have you or would you rupture a pair of testicles beyond repair, rendering the owner completely infertile?
I have, many times
I have, a few times
I have, once
I would if I got the chance
I haven't, and I don't want to
Who were your main targets, or who would your main targets be?
My Father
My Brother
My Son
My Boyfriend/Husband
My Friend
An Acquaintance
Complete Stranger
More Distant Relative
What technique/s are your favourites?
If you chose a technique that involves the feet, what would your preferred footwear be?
Sandals/Flip Flops
Why did you do it, or why would you do it?
I get off on it (their pain)
I get off on it (the power trip)
I find it funny
I find how it feels when they break satisfying
Anger towards males
Revenge for something they did to me
Pure boredom
And now for some scenarios; You catch your brother sniffing your panties. Do you take the excuse to pop his balls?
Yes, I pop both
Yes, but only one
No, I don't
You walk into the changing rooms at school or at the gym and see a guy, nude, with his back to you. His big balls are dangling between his legs. Do you pop his balls?
Yes, I pop both
Yes, but only one
No, I don't
You are sparring with a guy in a martial arts class. Groin shots are illegal, but you can tell he isnt wearing a cup. Do you launch a strike at them, trying to do as much damage as possible?
Yes, I want to pop both if possible
I want to do permanent damage, but not break both
No, I fight "fair"
A guy starts an argument with you about politics, and he is the complete opposite of everything you agree with. In your opinion, he is everything that is wrong with your country. What do you do?
I pop both of his balls, to stop him making more like him
I pop one of his balls to teach him a lesson
I continue debating him and hope I can change his mind with reason
Final multiple choice question - how old are you? Note, this is not a trick question, just genuine intrigue
Below 8
Above 90
Fill out the blank questions - not necessary, though preferred. To start with, how many balls have you popped?
Secondly, where in the world are you from? Region is preferred over country, though either is fine
Finally, did you enjoy this poll? Regardless, have a nice day :)
I did, it was fun
I did, though it could be better
No, not really
No, I hated it
My opinion is so strong, I wish I could pop the balls of the author!
This poll was created on 2022-03-21 16:20:56 by PopBallsPermenant