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donating blood 2012-07-05
This is a poll about donating blood to the American Red Cross.
What is your favorite vacuum cleaner brand? 2012-07-02
What is your favorite vacuum cleaner brand?
How Should I Be Gunged 2012-06-08
How Should I Be Gunged
Who Deserves to Get Gunged? 2012-06-01
Alan (23): Light Brown Hair, Tall, Cheeky Smile, Swot, Cute, Conservationist, Fav colour green. ...
Your Interests 2012-06-01
How interesting or fun do you find these subjects?
Betan ajankohtainen katsaus 2012-05-30 (closed)
Paivan polttavat kysymykset tieteellisesti tutkittuna
Preferred night out? 2012-05-20
I am trying to find out what people prefer to do for entertainment in the evening.
Which is Better????? 2012-05-15
Which is Better?????
Tickle survey 2012-05-07
Girls only
Tickle poll 2012-05-07
I would like to hear your tickle expieriences.
Hytte trekning sommer 2012 2012-05-02 (closed)
Her velger du hvilke hytter du ønsker å være med på trekningen av.
You should learn to swim at school 2012-04-26
You should learn to swim at school
fun! 2012-04-20
how do you shop 2012-04-12
how do you shop
Like to what you think of this train from melbourne to adelaide
Cask Logo 2012-03-26 (closed)
Please vote for a logo
Case Designs 2012-03-22
Poll on some case designs I created.
How do you prefer to spend holidays? 2012-03-15
How do you prefer to spend holidays?
If you had to choose 2012-03-15
If you had to choose
Wedgie dares 2012-03-14
If I were to get three Wedgies what should I get?
Girls Farting and Belching 2012-03-14
How do you girl feel about belching and farting? :I feel free:
Car Colours 2012-03-14
Here are four cars in different colours. How do you evaluate these cars? -http://i.imgur.com/2QX...
Multi Day Hiking Trip 2012-03-14
You and I are friends and we are going on a three day hiking trip with just the two of us, you de...
french maid bet 2012-03-14
i lost a bet with my gf now she gets to put me in a french maid outfit and give me a wedgie?
Arkham Gadgets 2012-02-24
This poll is to determine the next Arkham gadget that will be produced.