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Blue dog name 2013-08-07
A search to find a new name for our page's mascot!
Pie in the Face (only boys and men) 2013-08-01
Have you ever got a pie in your face?
Tobacco 2013-07-15
How do you use tobacco or do you?
Picture printing 2013-06-27
Trying to have a general idea about how often people print digital pictures for personal use.
Hobbies 2013-05-28
messy challage 2013-05-20
Im up for any type of messy challanges.
gunging boots 2013-05-20
Which type of boots shall I fill up.
Marvel vs DC 2013-05-15 (closed)
Marvel vs DC
Big Video Games Female Fighter Poll 2013-05-13
A poll about video games feminine fighters.
Tekken 7 2013-05-13
Who must return for Tekken 7 ?
Dance. 2013-05-13
What is your favorite type of dance?
TICKLED 2013-05-13
Tickling experiences
Do you shop on the Internet or shop at the local mall 2013-04-29
Do you shop on the Internet. Or go to the shop
Just for Girls: About Yourself, Internet and... Burping 2013-04-29
Ehy Girls!! I've already made a similar poll... I am a really sexy babe (19 years old) and I LOVE...
Men Forceed To Wear Feminine Clothes. 2013-04-29
My wife started making me wear female underwear, bra and panties. I now wear female clothing all ...
Burping and being sexy (girls only) 2013-04-22
Hi! I'm a 19 years old girl and I feel really hot and sexy when I rip huge and deep belches... es...
Collecting 2013-04-22
This poll is about things you collect.
Choose my Punishment 2013-04-01
I've been naughty and need to be punished :D
Who should I cosplay as? 2013-03-22
I'm going to Comic Con this year, 2013, and I want to cosplay while I'm there. I came here to ask...
Advertising Questionnaire 2013-03-19
Hi there Iv recently got a job in advertising and to better understand my new roll I would be gra...
Favorite Yugioh Card 2013-03-19
What is your favorite card from the coveted trading card game.
The Wine Poll 2013-02-14
This is a poll designed to determine the popularity of wines. Please answer the questions, so we...
What is in bottled water 2013-02-13
want to find out what is in bottled water...
Sneakerhead 2013-02-11
I made this poll to see the characteristics that describe most sneakerheads and what sneakerheads...