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What sort of drama's do you like to watch ? 2011-10-27
I'm a third year media student, and for I'm creating a television drama for my assessment. I'm do...
Red Vs blue 2011-10-20
it is a comedy made on the halo games
New TV Mystery Drama Research 2011-10-20
As part of a university project, we are creating a post-watershed mystery drama. This questionnai...
Watching TV - TV set, Internet, Mobile or all three? 2011-10-20
A poll to find out exactly how audiences in 2011 view content and how developments in technologie...
Who is the worst SCI-FI character ever 2011-10-20
Who is the worst
Matt or david 2011-09-28
Is matt smith or david tennant a better doctor?
Best companion? 2011-09-28
Which companion from the new doctor who series is the best?
Should Quinn & Rachel on Glee be a couple? 2011-09-27
Just wanting to know how many people would like to see them as a romantic in-love-with-each-other...
What do you love about Fringe? 2011-09-14
What do you love about Fringe?
Worst TV Show of the 2010-2011 Season 2011-09-14 (closed)
The Primetime Emmy Awards are coming up and they're giving awards to the best TV shows of the pas...
Questionnaire for TV Adverts on Fizzy Drinks 2011-09-14
I will be making an advert as part of my college project on a new fizzy drink & need people's...
Munster Episodes 2011-09-13 (closed)
Vote for your favorite MUNSTERS episodes. The three winners will be shown at our EVENING WITH THE...
Britains got talent or xfactor ? 2011-09-10
do you prefer britains got talent or xfactor ?
divas knockous and female celebrities over the top rope battle royal 2011-09-10
pick the clothing each woman will wear during the match
Fun werewolf quiz 2011-09-09 (closed)
Fun werewolf quiz
Best Cartoon Series 2011-08-23 (closed)
Very simply, choose the best cartoon series!!
team WWE and team TNA qualifying matches 2011-08-17
team WWE and team TNA qualifying matches
Crime Shows 2011-08-14 (closed)
This is a poll to see what television shows ,that deal with crime, viewers like most.
Best Adult Cartoon 2011-08-13
Best Adult Cartoon
So You Think You Can Dance - Canada - Top 14 2011-08-13 (closed)
Which top 14 contestant will win it all?
What should cops say before they use a taser on people? 2011-08-08
Just something funny I found on failblog.org
SYTYCD Candad Top 16 2011-08-08 (closed)
Which top 16 Dancer has the best shot at winning it all?
divas vs knockouts pay per view 2011-07-26
divas vs knockouts pay per view
wwe vs tna viewers choice 2 2011-07-26
wwe vs tna viewers choice 2