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spongebobyspongebobybobbob,bob 2009-12-12 (closed)
spongebob is short and yellow
Do you have a trekkie at your school? 2009-12-12
hi i'm Kakashifan 10447. But i am also a star trek fan. Are you worried a friend of yours might b...
Starstruck 5 2009-12-12 (closed)
Starstruck 5
x factor favourite 2009-12-12 (closed)
x factor favourite
Stargate Universe - Soap Opera 2009-12-12
Do you think Stargate Universe is a soap opera?
The Best Cartoons? 2009-12-11 (closed)
All types of cartoons. First pol...
SYTYCD - Top 10 2009-12-11 (closed)
Which top 10 contestant will win it all?
Omnitrix 2009-12-08
In Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Ben Tennyson gets a watch-like device...
favourite moments in desperatehousewives where the women are at their most desperate.
Scariest Villains in Doctor Who 2009-12-04
Scariest Villains in Doctor Who
Trish Stratus strip segments 2009-12-04
Questions about all of Trish's stripping segments
Total Drama Survivor 2009-12-04 (closed)
Total Drama Survivor
WWE divas strip poker 2009-12-04
ECW extreme strip poker
Facebook Big Brother 4: Who returns? 2009-11-29 (closed)
If you have been following Facebook Big Brother 4 you will know that this week we saw Alison Holm...
General Hospital 2009-11-25
Hope you like it
Campaigns to Save Numb3rs! 2009-11-11 (closed)
Help us try to figure out the best one or two campaigns to use in order to convince CBS to keep o...
Fantasy TV Poll (Twilight Zone, X-Files, Buffy, Twin Peaks, Star Trek: TNG) 2009-11-11
Fantasy TV Poll (Twilight Zone, X-Files, Buffy, Twin Peaks, Star Trek: TNG)
What should Patrick's child be? 2009-11-10 (closed)
What should Patrick's child be?
T.V. Cencorship 2009-11-07 (closed)
What do you know about television cencorship
SYTYCD SEASON 6 - TOP 16 2009-11-07 (closed)
Who is your favourite?
Favorite Buffy Season 2009-11-04 (closed)
Vote For Your Favorite Buffy The Vampire Slayer Seasons!
SYTYCD SEASON 6 - TOP 20 2009-11-01 (closed)
Who is your favourite so far?
So You Think You Can Dance - Top 16 2009-10-31 (closed)
Who will win?
Nostalgia TV Poll 2009-10-29
Want to find out if anyone remebers the following shows from the past?
TV Poll: The New Television Season 2009-10-29
I want to find out the public's opinion on the new television season thus far.