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Tobi + Deidara's Random Akatsuki Quizickle 2010-05-30
Funniest Anime Character (only Page) 2010-05-29 (closed)
Funniest Anime Character (only Page)
Funniest Anime Character 2010-05-29 (closed)
Hayate No Gotoku 2010-05-29
some poll questions about the popular anime/manga serie hayate No gotoku =D
Theme of the Contest 2010-05-27 (closed)
There are some ideas for the next contest So what do you prefer??
inuyasha vs ... 2010-05-13
it is awesome
Top 10 Funniest Animes 2010-05-13 (closed)
Top 10 Funniest Animes 2010-05-13 (closed)
What MIA Bleach Character Do You Most Want to See Again? 2010-05-03
Which of the characters in Bleach, specifically out of the MANY whose whereabouts have been up in...
Naruto 2010-05-03
My Many Naruto questions!
kikyo vs kagome 2010-05-02
kikyo vs kagome
zero no tsukaima & shakugan no shana compare & comtrast 2010-05-02
Junjou Romantica 2010-05-02
Just a poll dedicated to my favorite shounen-ai anime and manga. I can't get enough of polls when...
Top 10 Most Popular Animes PART 3 2010-04-26 (closed)
same old
Top 10 Most Popular Animes PART 2 2010-04-26 (closed)
This is part 2 Cuz there were to many anime to fit in part 1 so same thing as in part one
Top 10 Most Popular Animes 2010-04-26 (closed)
You can vote for more than one anime but you can't vote for the same anime twice
Shakugan No Shana 2010-04-24
Shakugan No Shana
Which is better? Naruto or Bleach 2010-04-24 (closed)
Which is better? Naruto or Bleach
Do you want to make a new chapter of DragonBall? 2010-04-20
Many of us know dragon ball. and many of us loves it i have read many comments that they want to ...
Bleach Poll Extended 2010-04-15
Thought of some more questions for my Bleach Poll. Yay! See the original for more details... if t...
Sheva Alomar vs Ada Wong 2010-04-12 (closed)
(Bracket 2) Best female resident evil character Sheva vs Ada winner advances to fight Claire or ...
Bleach Poll 2010-04-12
A poll with very specific to very broad questions. You're likely to answer multiple questions wit...
Manga hair styles 2010-04-05
Manga hair styles
Jill Valentine vs Claire Redfield 2010-04-05 (closed)
Jill Valentine vs Claire Redfield hand 2 hand fight Claire wearing her darkside chronicles out...
Bleach Poll(Rank The Captains from strongest to weakest)like espada 2010-03-28 (closed)
1 WOULD BE THE STRONGEST 16 would be the weakest captains like ichimaru shunsui ukitake rank the...