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DBZCCGTips Poll - Which Character from the Trunks Saga... 2001-06-19
Which Main Personality from the Trunks Saga in the DBZCCG has the overall best personality abilit...
Ultimate full Meatl Alchamist Poll 2005-06-01
;) full metal alchamist
Your Opinion: "Sailor Moon" fan-film plot elements (updated) 2011-09-19
This poll contains options for plot elements for a proposed "Sailor Moon" fan-made seri...
Ultra Anime Poll: Issue #5: Tenchi Muyo! Edition 1 2001-02-27
I've been busy these few days, after finally getting my hands on a (pirated) copy of Unreal Tourn...
Anime Survivor 3 Feedback Form 2001-11-12
If you've read it on Fanfiction.net (It's under Anime Crossovers there), then answer this simple ...
Renaming Revisited 2005-05-24
Okay, so perhaps I didn't specific things quite as much as I should have. I'm making this new pol...
Rizelmine 2006-03-21
Best Cosplay 2009 2009-11-22 (closed)
Monterrey Best Cosplay Contest 2009
Anons of /a/. Decide the fate of the Suggestion Box! 2012-11-28
An opportunity for anonymous users of the imageboard 4chan to use the Suggestion Box system to ch...
Favorite Anime Character (Female Version) - Round 5 [Final] 2013-06-11 (closed)
Holy crap it's been 6 months since I last checked Misterpoll... but I'm back and here it is: THE ...
my sister is a giantness 2022-12-30