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Anime / Manga


Fill in your own Narruto Application(Create your own Naruto ninja) 2009-02-04
Have you always dreamed of being a Naruto ninja?or ever wanted to FEEL like you were in Naruto?We...
Naruto Characters 2006-07-11
A poll about a variety of Naruto characters in the anime.
2nd Miss To-LOVE-ru poll 2009-06-25
It has been a while since the last time, but it's back! The Miss To-LOVE-ru Poll! Alot of things ...
To-LOVE-ru Lala-or-Haruna Poll 2009-08-31
Who among these contenders do love most at Rito's side? Cast your choice!
Detective Conan' Character Poll! 2010-08-04
Vote for your favorite characters!
To-LOVE-ru Miss Ecchiness Poll 2009-04-28
Among all the ladies from this story, four of them have shown us more ecchiness than the PlayBoy ...
Miss To-LOVE-ru 2009-02-04
To-LOVE-ru : the land of beauties... Which one of them is your No.1?
To-LOVE-ru Ending: Which will it be? 2009-02-20
A complicated love triangle... and many mixed-up emotions... Only one ending will prevail...
Anime Couples 2009-06-12
In lots of anime and manga, the protagonist often has more than one option for who he'll end up w...
Bleach Yaoi Couples, Seme and Uke (spoilers for Soul-S Arc) 2006-07-24
Just a fun poll I made for the preferences of the Bleach yaoi fans. Yes, I know we rock 8D ...
Your Own Anime Slave 2009-06-03
What would you do if you could take a girl from an anime and make her your slave?
Sekirei poll 2010-03-27
A poll about the manga Sekirei.
Best gundam series of all time 2003-12-12
every single gundam series is listed. which is the best of the best?
Favorite Pokemon Poll 2008-06-04
Pick your favorite in each section. You can base it on looks, how well it battles in the games, w...
To-LOVE-ru Mikan-Rito Poll 2009-07-17
Mikan & Rito: the bond that got everyone talking about lately...
To-LOVE-ru Date-Rito Poll 2009-08-03
Many have already, but the most important ones are still on the list. Who's next?
To-LOVE-ru Damzels Poll 2009-08-05
Lala or Haruna? He might be able to only save one...
To-LOVE-ru Yami-Rito Poll 2009-07-24
Will she kill him at the end... or fall under his charm?
Risa's performance poll 2009-05-11
She is naughty, perverted, sexy and very daring and bold: she is the reason why the word "pr...
Favorite To-LOVE-ru Male Character 2009-03-28
The To-LOVE-ru ladies had their time... it's time for the To-LOVE-ru Boyz to have their shine!
To-LOVE-ru: Cutest/Hottest Support Female Character 2009-03-07
There are just as many girls outside the Rito harem as there are inside it. Among them, who's the...
To-LOVE-ru Wanted Scenes 2009-03-25
Besides the main relationship stuff, there are so many things we'd like to see happen in To-LOVE-...
To-LOVE-ru Confession Poll 2009-08-24
A confession is coming... but from whom and to who?
To-LOVE-ru Siblings Poll 2009-04-11
There are good and warm connection of siblings in To-LOVE-ru that we all admire and love.
To-LOVE-ru Rito's attitude towards Lala 2009-06-19
Rito's attitude towards Lala has evolved towards the course of this story, but does he needs to g...