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Anime / Manga


K-on, I would do this with... 2010-07-14
K-on, I would do this with...
Naruto Pairings 2006-05-25
Naruto is a manga/anime that has an endless array of pairings to choose from. Go ahead and pick ...
To-LOVE-ru Friendship Couple Poll 2009-04-11
When you are down, you got sadness in your heart or even have the blues, your friends are always ...
To-LOVE-ru Black's Target Poll 2009-05-23
Black's target is here, but who might it be?
The Girls of Pokemon 2008-04-14
The Girls of Pokemon
TO-LOVE-RU Hottest/Cutest girl 2009-01-25
Who's your No.1 Hottest Girl in To-LOVE-ru?
Which nationality would Android 18 and 17 have? 2007-12-30
If the Twin-Androids would have a nationality, which one would it be?
Bleach Couples 2009-02-27
Please vote for ur favorite bleach couples
To-LOVE-ru Black Cat Poll 2009-05-16
Black cats have always been a sign of bad luck and misforturne... For To-LOVE-ru, it might announ...
General Dragon Ball Z Poll 2006-06-15
Just to find out general peoples views and opinion's on character's, saga's & more
To-LOVE-ru - Who do you support ? 2008-11-21 (closed)
Rito has many girls around him, but we all support them in each diferent ways.
Death Note Poll 2006-03-21
No spoilers here, except for the identity of some characters.
Your favorite Naruto Character 2006-07-22
Who is your favorite naruto character?
Most popular manga! 2007-09-15
Some Mangaka say they have the "most popular graphic noval" but are they realy right?
How did you find EE? 2009-09-15
Select how you came across Emergency Exit, NJ would like to know what her best sources for reader...
Anime Poll 2004-10-13
This is a poll reguarding my favorite anime (Japanese Animation). Please answer any or all questi...
What Pokemon are you? 2009-10-02
Ever want to know what Pokemon you are? In this ULTIMATE test, you get to find out! I will be add...
To-LOVE-ru Black's Intentions Poll 2009-05-30
Black's intentions are still shrouded in mystery...
Naruhina vs Narusaku 2009-08-01
Ok people i would really like to know who you would like Naruto to be with of the two
favorite DBZ character overall 2007-09-30
as in moves or blasts
Who's Your Favorite Naruto Pairing? 2006-06-16
Vote for your favorite Naruto couple.
Manga rules! pokemon vs yu-gi-oh 2005-11-21
Yo guys! im a huge manga fan and wanna know about what u think b better. yu-gi-oh or pokemon?
Favorite character on the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! 2004-12-30
Who is your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! character from the following.
Code Geass & Death Note 2009-10-11
Code Geass and Death Note have a lot in common. Which parts do you like better?
zero no tsukaima & shakugan no shana compare & comtrast 2010-05-02