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Anime / Manga


What is your favourite anime or manga? 2009-02-28
which is your favourite?
The Best Anime 2009-07-25
I have already watched a lot of anime but I dont know what's the best. pls, vote for your fave an...
Best Anime Villain Organization 2010-06-05
Best Anime Villain Organization
":~.~:"Which Do You Prefer":~.~:" 2009-04-28
Bleach Characters Zanpakutos and Couples :D
The Best of Anime 2 (Miscellaneous) 2009-08-29
Vote for your favorite anime in miscallaneous categories. I put in characters from animes and man...
ANIME 2008-11-26 (closed)
This is a poll for anime in general. (I somewhat based it off of anime nfo). I need some data for...
one piece,inuyasha,and naruto 2006-05-31
this poll is about one piece,inuyasha,and naruto
who is the prettiest final fantasy girl? 2006-06-21
who is it?
Who Is Your Favourite Avatar Character? 2007-09-04
Do you have a favourite avatar character?
Beautiful Soldier Sailor Moon Poll 2000-12-27
this is a poll about everyone's opinion about the anime Sailor Moon
More Bleach 2009-04-02
More Bleach
dbz vs inuyasha 2006-06-06
Dragon Ball Z - Who would win in a fight? #2 ~*More Battles!*~ 2009-06-21 (closed)
Pick who would win in a DBZ death match!
Last Man Standing 2 2010-01-25
One on one fights between characters from different animes. Unlike the first <a href='http://w...
Favourite Bleach Character Poll 2010-06-16
Favourite Bleach Character Poll
Naruto vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2007-04-19
Who will win between the Naruto characters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
Best of Anime (Love) 2010-02-09
Vote for your favorite animes of love in miscallaneous categories. Also take <a href='http:/...
hottest anime girl 2011-08-14
hottest anime girl
Whats the hottest animated character? 2005-08-29
Vote to see which cartoon is hotter.
Hottest anime Girls 2005-12-28
Who do you think is the hottest anime girl. Each categorie contains different anime programs.
Ed, Edd n Eddy 2006-11-20
Ed, Edd n Eddy cartoon
Naruto f***ed up couples 2009-08-08
I have searched the internet and found really weird Naruto couples what is your opinion on these ...
Bleach Poll Extended 2010-04-15
Thought of some more questions for my Bleach Poll. Yay! See the original for more details... if t...
Akatsuki overview 2008-04-22
It is highly recommended to read the manga for this poll, otherwise some of the information neede...
Which is better? Naruto or Bleach 2010-04-24 (closed)
Which is better? Naruto or Bleach