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Anime / Manga


Bleach Captains 2007-12-06
Who do you think is the strongest captain?
YuGiOh Poll 2006-06-09
Another random anime poll from Mooney! THAT'S ME! HAHA!
Has Hinata gotten fat? You be the judge? 2008-06-09
Has Hinata from Naruto: Shippuden gained weight?
Which Naruto Character Looks Best After The Timeskip? 2006-06-16
Vote for which character from Naruto do you think looks best after the 2 year timeskip.
anime vs cartoons 2007-10-21
this poll is survey on whether think that anime is better then cartoons and vice versa.
Who's Your Favorite Naruto Character? 2006-06-16
Vote for your favorite character from Naruto.
Favorite Anime Pairing 2006-08-15
Vote for who you think makes the best couple from a variety of anime.
Digimon Poll 2001-03-24
I prefer to skip an introduction....... JUST TAKE THE FREAKIN' POLL!
To Love-Ru 2009-05-14
In a love triangle like Lala*Rito*Haruna what is more important - friendship lala*Haruna , love R...
Favorit Harem Anime Girl 2009-06-05
Who is your favorit girl from a harem anime? The animes I've put in are Love Hina, Negima!, Ai Yo...
Hokage Vote 2009-06-25
In Naruto, Lady Tsunade is in a coma and most of the village is destroyed. Danzo is now acting Ho...
The Best of Anime (Boys) 2009-12-12
Vote for your favorite guys from different categories. Also take <a href='http://www.misterpo...
Hinata's Confession 2009-06-09
In the anime/manga Naruto, Hinata Hyuga has always loved Naruto, but has been too shy to tell him...
Manga Vs Anime 2009-12-11
Some people prefer the manga version, others the anime. Which do you like better. You don't need ...
Naruto Battles 2006-09-19
Battles in Naruto. This is long, so get comfy.
The HUGE Anime Poll 2005-04-26
We all love it and we can't live without it, hail anime!
Favorite anime/manga! 2006-06-21
I decided to get quite a selection so I hope your favorite is down there
Pokémon starters! 2005-03-18
Early on in any pokémon RPG game, a big decision has to be made: Which Pokémon do you go on yo...
Pokémon Poll 2003-07-18
Just wonder what everybody's favorite pokémon is.
Your Favorite Death Note Character 2008-06-02
My favorite is Mello and L.
Which 'Bleach' character are you!!!!!!!!!! 2009-09-23
This quiz will tell you which Bleach character....SO TAKE THE TEST!!!! Its easy!!!!
Bleach Survey 2009-08-05
This is my first Poll. Hope you like it! (And if not, oh well.)
K-ON Character Survey 2009-06-03
Quick survey to see which character in the K-ON anime is favored by most.
Best Bleach couple 2007-08-18
If you dont know who people are try your best ok, and if I miss people its because I dont care lo...
Kenichi's Strongest Master 2009-06-08
In History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, there are 5 manster of the Ryōzanpaku dojo who teach Ke...