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Anime / Manga


What is your favourite anime? 2006-04-17
A poll to see what peoples favourite anime is, I've tried to include as many of the popular ones ...
vote for your all-time favorite cartoon swordsman
YAOi! Which Yaoi pairings from various animes are the best? 2006-11-28
Please make your choices. Your voting is highly appreciated! :)
Who is your favourite Sichibukai? (seven Pirate lords) 2008 2008-04-09
Which of the Seven Pirate Lords from One piece is your favourite of the one's that have been reve...
Avatar: The Last Airbender Poll 2006-05-08
This is a poll about Avatar: The Last Airbender!
who is your favorite Detective Conan character 2011-01-21
who is your favorite Detective Conan character
NARUTO OPINIONS!!!!! 2007-10-15
Just a buncha different questions bout Naruto. Enjoy! P.S. This my 1st poll...lol ^.^
K-on! 2010-06-16
vote for your favorite character
Saint Seiya Unlimited******** 2005-11-07
The best anime show ever...have you ever wondered about who´s the best saint...or is Saori a use...
Dragonball Z: Original Dub vs Redub 2009-07-03
A poll comparing the original dub of DBZ to the FUNimation redub
The Best Anime 2009-12-21
which is the best anime
Bleach Unlimited 2009-02-13
About Couple's, Character's, Zanpakuto's,& Division's.
One Piece New Nakama 2009-04-12
One Piece New Crew Member
Best Naruto Character 2011-05-26
This is the characters in the original Naruto, not Shippuden.
Naruto Poll 2007-05-04
Poll on everyone in Naruto
Sailor Moon Female Villains 2004-11-25
Sailor Moon had many beautiful, female villains. This is a comprehensive poll about them.
Hot Naruto characters 2008-01-17 (closed)
so girls what Naruto characters Are hot
Pokemon Characters 2009-08-14 (closed)
Pokemon Characters
pokemon girls 2009-07-17 (closed)
a quiz about the girls from pokemon (kinda)
What's Your Geass? 2009-06-05
In Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Lelouch has the power of the king, "Geass". It...
naruto ulra poll 2008-05-12
i will add a new Question every week
How Well do You know Avatar? (season one) 2006-06-12
If you're a Last Airbender fan, test your knowledge of the first season here!
Who is best fit to be Naruto's Girlfriend ? 2009-03-08
Who is best fit to be Naruto's Girlfriend ?
The Ultimate Pokemon Poll 2009-08-24
What's your favorite trainer? Region? Eveeelution? Professor? Type? Every possible question on Po...
Girls Bravo 2006-03-31
Tis Anime/Manga Is A Sex Comedy About Girls!Girls!Girls! Its Also Inspired Da Hit Anime.If U May ...