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Anime / Manga


Best of Anime (School) 2010-03-11
Vote for your favorite school and students from animes. Also take <a href='http://www.misterp...
Anime Terms 2007-08-18
Do you know Anime porn terms? Poll of common anime porn terms execpt shounen-ai and stuff caz t...
Best studio Ghibli film 2008-04-09
Best studio Ghibli film
Overrated Animes 2008-08-21
Overrated Animes
What is my best manga? 2009-06-12
Like my anime collection, I have many mangas. Which do you like the best. Also vist the sister po...
Best Starters Pokemon! 2010-07-18
Vote for the best starter pokemon. Out of these 15 Pokemon, the top 10 will go on to part 2!
Yu-Gi-Oh! VS. Pokemon 2008-03-04 (closed)
Yu-Gi-Oh! VS. Pokemon
Anime Poll 2008-09-05
I have to make a homework about anime and manga, and I would like to know more about the anime vi...
Who is your Miss Naruto? 2009-02-23
who is your favorit naruto girl
Do you perfer Subbed or Dubbed Anime? 2010-02-09
Question is obvious, when it comes to anime, do you perfer original japanese voice with english s...
Six Anime Poll 2008-11-30
A poll about my six favorite anime shows: Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, ...
naruto vs bleach 2009-04-01
naruto vs bleach
Anime Characters 2009-08-03
Anime Characters
Dragon Ball vs Dragon Ball Z vs Dragon Ball GT 2009-04-09
General Anime Poll 2002-04-02
A poll on anime in general.
To-love-ru all in all who will rito yuki marry 2009-08-31 (closed)
To-love-ru all in all who will rito yuki marry
To love-ru who would you choose 2009-11-10
If you were Rio yuuki, who would you choose to marry?
Best Akatsuki Member? 2007-08-30
I'm writing a fanfiction centering around certain members of Akatsuki, and I'd like to know who y...
Naruto Manga ! Only If ur not a naruto nOoB. 2008-05-13 (closed)
Do you want to be on Kouta's place from Ane-Doki! 2009-07-12 (closed)
Do you want to be on Kouta's place from Ane-Doki!
who's hotter itachi or sasuke? 2007-07-22
this is a poll over the uchiha brothers,ive always liked itachi better but i wondered who has mor...
Adult Art 2011-03-22
a survey about adult artwork and hentai. All answers are anonymous.
Inuyasha - Everyone's Favorite 1/2 Dog Demon 2005-04-29
Poll is about the popular after-hours anime series, now in its fourth season.
Best naruto bad guy 2009-07-01
Who is the best baddy
Naruto rumors 2009-07-02
There are many rumors about certain Naruto characters what are your opinion ?