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Anime / Manga


Favorite One Piece Charecter 2006-05-30
Pick your favorite One Piece Charecter
Favorite Anime 2011-09-14
I already made a poll like this but this one is updated.
Naruto vs Bleach 2009-04-02
Naruto vs Bleach
Naruto Vs Dragonball Z 2009-12-11
who will win in an all out battle?
Favorite anime/manga!! 2011-09-14
what is your favorite anime/manga?
Who Should Haruhi Fujioka End Up With? 2009-06-03
In Ouran High School Host Club Haruhi Fujioka works in a host club dressed as a boy. There are 6 ...
Bleach - The Best Espada 2010-01-06
this is to see what espada is most favourite. personally my fav is grimmjow
Naruto - What do you Prefer? 2007-09-10
What do you Prefer on these Naruto Questions?
Harem anime 2009-07-02
Harem anime
what are your fav animes? share it with everyone and see how other respond =)
sephiroth vs DBZ Characters 2008-08-30
My friends keep saying that any DBZ character could kill any Final Fantasy Character. Sephiroth v...
Your Pactio 2009-07-18
The anime/manga "Negima! Magister Negi Magi" by Ken Akamatsu is a story about magic. In...
Which Anime is Better? 2009-10-14 (closed)
Which Anime is Better?
Miss Anime and Manga 2009!!! 2009-12-11
In different areas of abilities, who do you think will succeed in the end?
NaruHina or NaruSaku 2014-01-06
This poll is to see which Naruto Couple you would prefer NaruHina or Narusaku to see get together...
Avatar Poll 2006-07-17
Simple questions to see how much you like Avatar.
Naruto Poll 2009-12-11
If you where a ninja in Naruto, what would you be like. <img src="http://4smiley.com/smil...
Favorite Akatsuki 2008-01-08
Favorite Akatsuki
Anime vs. cartoons 2008-03-04
Anime vs. cartoons
Which Anime Couple should be together? 2010-06-16
Which Anime Couple should be together?
Pokemon Dialga vs. Palkia 2007-07-22
Hello. This pole is about pokemon. Just click the pokemon you like better.
Favorite Anime/Manga Show 2007-12-07
Favorite Anime/Manga Show
INYUASHA 2005-07-05
What character are you?Find out which inu character your most like.
Favorite Death Note Character 2008-09-01
Who do you think is the coolest character?
New Pictures of Anime 2001-12-16
This poll was created to help me with my site. I edit and design anime and manga pictures to help...