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Anime / Manga


Your Anime Harem 2009-06-25
What if you could make your own harem out of girls from animes and mangas. Who would you put in i...
One Piece 2006-12-11
A poll about the anime,One Piece!
Naruto vs One Piece 2012-03-15
Which is the best all around?!
Hayate No Gotoku 2010-05-29
some poll questions about the popular anime/manga serie hayate No gotoku =D
My Bleach Poll 2009-06-09
What do you want to happen in the anime/manga Bleach
Mother of All Favorite Anime Polls 2003-12-12
Uses the list of anime on Wikipedia as of 12/11/03. Titles with no votes, and which I have nev...
Naruto Poll 2007-02-05
Answer the questions about naruto cmpletely. thanks
Avatar Poll 2005-10-12
Who's your favorite character? What's your favorite eppisode? Express your feelings on Avatar here
Dragonball Z Questions and Debates 2009-05-11
A poll on many questions and/or subjects of debate. Not to be confused with a standard DBZ poll o...
Full Metal Alchemist 2006-12-27
Full Metal Alchemist
Anime Couples 2 2009-08-14
In lots of anime and manga, the protagonist often has more than one option for who she'll end up ...
Hottest Anime Guys 2006-08-05
Just what it sounds.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 2003-12-17
9/7/2005 - Updated. Deleted the Fake Kaiba question, because I saw the Japanese summary. Also add...
Naruto Fighting Styles 2007-05-21
Poll on what are the most popular styles of fighting
Sailor Moon Poll 2006-11-16
Sailor Moon is one of the most famous anime released. In addition to having great characters it a...
Shonen Jump 2005-04-24
This is like, one of the first polls in this section, and its asking you what your fav shonen jum...
Too many anime panty shots 2009-02-27
I think there are too many panty shots in anime. Can't they draw girls without showing their und...
I miss Misty on Pokemon 2008-01-20 (closed)
I CRY ALL THE TIME!!! F.Y.I. I don't hate may it's just that i don't like her messing with Ash...
To-Love-ru Harem Poll 2009-08-31
I lot of people wanted a poligimy ending. If To-Love-ru gets a sequel, who would be in Rito Yuuki...
The Best of Anime (Girls) 2009-12-12
Vote for your favorite girls from different categories. Also take <a href='http://www.misterp...
Yaoi 2007-10-03
Hi, people. This is my first poll. I made this poll because i wanted to see how much people like ...
Naruto female characters 2009-07-07
Chose on of this girls :D My favourite is Kurenai
Code Geass Poll 2014-10-20
A special poll for CG fans. For haters please stay away.
Digimon Poll 2002-06-14
A nice and fun poll, please post messages.
Is MILOTIC really the "most beautiful Pokemon"??? 2006-01-14
In the games' Pokedex and animes, they say Milotic (Feebas' evolved form) is the "most beaut...