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How often do you poop or pee your pants 2013-08-26
How often do you poop or pee your pants
Private messaging on SO. 2013-03-22
Private messaging on SO.
Which classic computer of the late 70s/early 80s is the best? 2011-06-26
There've been many flame-wars between users of ATARI, Commodore, Apple and Sinclair users in the ...
am i too young 2012-04-13
This is my big sisters thing im 9 am i too young to now about sex
Apple products 2017-09-06
Apple products
Operating Systems 2017-09-06
Operating Systems
iPhone vs. Android 2017-01-27
The age old debate, iPhone or Android, which smartphone do people actually prefer, and why.
How do you turn off your computer 2014-06-23
How do you turn off your computer
HP vs Dell 2007-07-20
Which is better HP or Dell
Social Networks Dominate Our Online Time 2021-01-24
This should come as no surprise to those of us with bloodshot eyes and productivity problems: soc...
Favorite Old Time Radio Programs 2022-12-30
This is a list of programs appearing on Obscure Old Time Radio. The URL is https://robodj.com an...
Laptop or notebook 2021-08-04
Which do you think is more proper name for currently used mobile computers? To make things worse...
New Gaming Monitor 2021-10-31
My kid busted his 8 month old gaming monitor. It tipped over when he was moving it apparently. ...
Randomness 14 2005-08-14
Totally Random Things
Microsoft vs. Apple 2009-08-25
Would you rather see Microsoft die or Apple?
Medical Code Billing Online Course 2018-01-11
Allied Prep’s <a href="https://www.alliedpreptech.com/online-learning">Medical ...
Apple Mac vs Microsoft Windows 2007-03-29
A poll just to know your opinions on which is the better OS.
what is the best computer system? 2014-04-18
okay everyone time to get your geek on
Your computer security 2017-05-26
There are so many security issues that go unsolved today. We are starting this poll to get some i...
Bored 2 2021-11-19
Yes or No
Random Poll 2005-01-20
Are you a computer nerd? 2001-01-05
More and more people are using computers, but do these users understand their newfound friend? O...
Randomness 10 2005-04-06
Totally Random Things.
Search Engines and Internet Browsers 2014-05-27
Do you like Yahoo? Google? Bing? Others? Just select which one you like
IT PATHSHALA 2022-03-03