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Controversy / Morality


The Ideal Society -- Controlled By Women 2004-10-04
The concept of an ideal, female-controlled society is very attractive to a great many people, bot...
US Circumcision by Region 2000-10-10
Please answer based on region where you were born, not region where you currently reside.
Circumcision 2002-04-15
I want this to be honest and real. Don't vote multiple times.
Forced feminisation (Men only) 2009-06-05
As a child, as punishment I was made to wear my sisters skirts, knickers, dresses, stockings etc....
Chastised: Child rights vs Parents 2012-08-23
<p>The idea of keeping children pure by limiting their sexuality is nothing new. In fact f...
Gym shower 2008-07-24
Gym shower
Babysitting Help 2007-08-04
I have been babysitting for this new family in my neighborhood. Their kids are ages 3, 5, 6, 9, a...
Women who believe in spanking poll 2010-01-06
This is a poll for women who believe in spanking to see which scenarios would in their opinion ju...
What do you think about women wearing really short skirts 2010-02-10
This poll is about what you think about women who wear really short skirts or dresses. I am mysel...
What do women think of Men Crossdressing 2003-12-25
This poll is for Women only .
Too Old To Be Spanked ? 2001-07-10
I am Female, and 17. is this too old to be spanked ? What do you think.
C.P.in girls schools in England only 2001-11-27
There is a lobby to change the law to reintroduce corporal punishment in English schools. I only...
A day for speedos at the beach 2004-07-21
Hi boys, it's awsome how many of you straight guys want to wear their speedos in public. It seems...
Fathers encouraging their daughters to dress revealingly 2014-08-05
A poll for fathers who encourage their daughters to wear revealing cloths
advice about panties needed 2002-04-09
I am a male whom wears panties. I don't think I should have to hide that fact.
How strict are your parents? Teenage guys 2006-05-06
All boys mess up sometimes. And get punished. But how cool are your parents. And what do they do
What do you wear at home? 2004-10-07
Home and family customs vary enormously. This poll attempts to ascertain the amount and type of ...
Age of consent 2008-04-03
What do you think the age of consent should be? Keywords: sex, girl, boy, age of consent, love
What should I do about my sissy son 2005-12-26
My son is 10 years old. As much as I'd like to say he is a strapping young man, he is not. He i...
Legalizing public nudity 2001-09-06
Opinions on the legalization of public nudity
Marriage, chastity and more 2009-01-23
This poll is for FEMALES ONLY I will create a poll with the same questions for the males. It i...
Girls, Underarms, Tickling, and feeling naughty ;) 2008-11-14
Here is a poll that gets to the truth behind tickling, and the excitement it causes. There are N...
Girls, does it offend you to see a guy peeing in public? 2003-06-13
Girls, it's no secret that it's easier and faster for men to pee than women and that because of t...
Men working shirtless 2003-07-25
Per a message on the main board, an interest in making a poll of this subject has been noted here...
Fashion Freedom for Men 2003-07-16
Poll after poll seems to show that people think men should be free to wear some women's fashions....