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Controversy / Morality


Suitable Punishments For Rape 2009-10-11
Rape is a vile and brutal crime. While both genders can, and are victims of rape, it is generally...
Nude swimming at indoor swimming pools for American men only 2008-12-19
I would like to know if you think indoor swimming pools should be clothing optional.
The Male Body for Straight Men 2011-05-17
In the past the human body was considered beautiful. Just look at the statue of David. Now a days...
Christian boys and masturbation 2009-07-15
This poll is for Christian Teens to ask about their opinions of the "BIG M" word.
I am now to be spanked by my parents 2010-10-16 (closed)
alright so i am 14 and recently my parents have decided to spank me for everything basically mayb...
Best looking black Men 2005-11-15
Who are the best looking black men
Leg irons in prison 2009-01-08
As additional punishment and to deter escape, several countries in the world make prison inmates ...
daughters spanking parents 2013-08-01
this is a poll about daughters spank or would like to spank their parents not because of discipli...
MOMS ONLY: about your boys... 2002-09-12
Mom’s, please take a moment to share your thoughts on where we should allow our boys to go pee. ...
What age to stop spanking 2013-12-26
I was spanked until I was 11 years old. My older brother until he was 14. In my wife's family, he...
Would you spank her? 2014-03-03
Say you had a preteen daughter (roughly 9 or 10 years old) She knows that she will be severely sp...
Should white males be enslaved 2009-01-21
Should white males be enslaved
Castration of sex offneders 2002-07-06
There's a big stink over castration of sex offenders. I want to know others opinions.
Which things would you do nude if you could? 2009-12-14
The title is self-explanitiry.
SWINGING 2004-07-10
This poll is for people who are married only. Have you or would you invite other people to share ...
MALE RAPE! 2001-11-29
I'm a normal 15 year old male. I don't turn down sex if I'm offered although I've only done it tw...
Legal Nude Beaches 2001-11-09
This poll is to assess the general public's attitude to legal nude beaches
OK to pee in the pool ?? 2001-11-12
Just wondered how many folks think it`s OK to take a pee in a public swimming pool.
Are testicles considered the prime defence target of women? 2005-08-29
There is a lot of controversy as to whether the testicles are the "best" target for wom...
Reasons You Might Take Off Your Clothes in Public ? 2004-02-23
Most people wouldn't normally get fully or part naked in public What kind of reasons or circum...
Forcibly Chastising Teen boys? 2007-12-13
short simple poll should we forcibly chastise teen boys to stop excessive masturbating and adoles...
Punishment : Which Is Better? 2002-09-04
This is for KIDS/TEENS ONLY! To see which punishment they'd rather.
Female Judge Orders Boy, 16, Stripped in Her Courtroom 2004-09-17
<BR> Check this out! Have our judges gone totally insane or what? <BR><BR> T...
Bra Attitudes 2001-12-13
Just curious what people's attitudes are toward the garment of clothing known as a Bra.
I Was Never Spanked Poll 1999-04-26
<HTML><BODY><P>This Poll is a compliment to my "I Was Spanked" poll. ...