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Future sandbox game theme? 2012-05-14
If you could pick a theme or genre for an upcoming MMORPG what would it be? (e.g. Sci-fi, medieva...
MLB roster expansion 2012-05-08
MLB roster expansion
Video Game Obscenity 2012-05-07
Video Game Obscenity
Ultimate Mass Effect Poll 2012-05-07
Questions on Commander Shepard, Liara, the Geth, the Citadel and everything in between.
Favorite Black Ops Maps 2012-05-07
Which Black Ops Maps would you like to see in Black Ops 2?
Favorite WaW Maps 2012-05-07
Which World at War maps would you like to see in Black Ops 2?
Favorite MW2 Maps 2012-05-07
Which MW2 Maps would you like to see remade into MW3?
Ultimate Final Fantasy Poll 2012-05-07
Questions on Final Fantasy, Chocobos, Moogles, Sephiroth, and everything in between.
game spanking 2012-05-07
this is a poll for those who want to see certain spankings in games...... just tell me if there a...
The Siege 2012-05-07
In the medical tents you rest, among many other wounded. The smell of death sourounds the camp, b...
who is the best fighting game character 2012-05-04
vote for your favorite fighting game character out of........ Street Fighter Tekken Mortal Kombat...
Pokemon 2012-05-01 (closed)
What Should Be B2C Mayhem's First Theme 2012-05-01
The First episode of Mayhem on YouTube. And We need a theme to go with the show!. But we need you...
RotMG 2012-04-26 (closed)
How do you want to see Realm of the Mad God?
Dragon Order arcanix (Test) 2012-04-25 (closed)
Final Fantasy V 2012-04-24
It's been a while since I've made any polls. Here's one about Final Fantasy V!
Future Collab with 12 year old brother 2012-04-23 (closed)
This will determine the LP I do with my brother
Call of Duty Poll 2012-04-19
Just to see what you guys think about this COD poll!
Notch or Gabe, the time is now! 2012-04-17
R/gaming, it is time to weigh in on the Ultimate Showdown. Who will reign on top as champion?
Three Kingdoms Game 2012-04-12
I am beginning to make my own personal Three Kingdoms game and I am just now formulating the idea...
Favourite Gaming Platform 2012-04-11
Favourite Gaming Platform
Games Mixed Wrestling 2012-04-11
For fans of games and mixed wrestling
SSB4 Newcomers (PART TWO) 2012-04-10 (closed)
My first poll was going over newcomers who came under the same universe as all the character's fr...
The Legend of Zelda: My Life [Chapter 5: Link] 2012-04-09
FILLER: The beautiful land of Hyrule has lost complete fist. People live in fear, and survival is...
SSB4 characters 2012-04-09
SSB4 characters