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Your Most Anticipated Game of 2010 2009-08-29 (closed)
Your Most Anticipated Game of 2010
Which Planetside 2 Faction? 2012-07-02
Which Planetside faction is the ultimate? the militaristic Terran Republic? or the freedom fighte...
Super Mario VS Mickey Mouse 2005-11-09
For ages kids and adults battled each other saying that one of these charcters are more well know...
Most Popular FPS 2006-09-18
This is a poll about first person shooting games.
Getting gunged 2015-11-16
All about getting gunged (covered in messy slime) or gunging other people
Sonic riders 3 2008-07-01 (closed)
Sonic riders 3
Character Creation in Tekken 7. 2010-06-01
This poll is to see how many players want character creation in the next Tekken game.
G.O.A.T Fallout 3 2008-11-30
G.O.A.T. or Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test is a test that every vault dweller (or at leas...
Tf2 underpowered/Overpowered 2010-01-29
Tf2 underpowered/Overpowered
Super Smash Bros Brawl 2007-01-15
What characters should be in or our? I've just put down all the suggestions I've heard. If you do...
... Your favourite SM commander ... 2009-02-26 (closed)
... Your favourite SM commander ...
Your favorite Left 4 Dead character? 2014-02-19
You can only choose one. If there are two that you like equally, well ask yourself this, who woul...
Pokemon or Pokémon? 2007-08-08
Do you like Pokémon?
Super Smash Bros. 4 Character Poll 2013-01-29
This starts the battle. Quarterfinals will come after this. Please vote!
Dynasty Warriors battle 1 2005-12-09
vote on who would win between:
Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter 2009-08-25
What is better about each game series?
Mass Effect 3 Endgame 2012-03-19
Please vote only if you have completed Mass Effect 3
Final Fantasy 7 2003-09-01
This poll is basically about final fantasy 7.It's quite long, but i'm sure you'll like it!!
Why I HATE Runescape 2007-02-08
Hello. I am an average level 53 runescape player who quit for a reason that hauntss me today... I...
What is half of 99? 2015-09-08
What is half of 99?
I make too many video game polls. Here's Nintendo VS SEGA, in various questionings...
Finally a good Starcraft Quiz 2002-07-14
Hey... now that I've made a name for myself in the final fantasy series... I thought I'd branch o...
Best RPG Playstation 2 2006-07-12
what is the best RPG for the PS2
Bet your shoes 2009-11-29
One time a friend was trying to get his job done at work early so he could go out on a date. I b...
State of the Fortress Survey 2010-12-15 (closed)
State of the Fortress Survey