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Sonic vs. Mario 2007-12-18
Who's better?
WBN Chat Game Poll 2009-01-18
WBN Chat Game Poll
SSF2 Expansion characters 2008-09-15 (closed)
which of these expansion characters do you want
Super Smash bros 4 creation poll 2010-06-16 (closed)
You pick all the characters from the list you would like to see in SSB4.
Nintendo DS vs Sony PSP 2008-02-08
This is the best PSP vs DS poll ever made so fi you want to have a fair poll come here as you pic...
Sonic Vs Mario 2003-10-02
The blue hedgehog or the fat plumber- u decide
Resident Evil 2 & 3 Remake 2010-07-28 (closed)
For those of you who want Capcom to remake Resident Evil 2 & 3!
FINAL FANTASY TRIVIA!!!!!! 2005-10-27
Have you ever though about stupid useless things like; "who´s better for cloud; aeris or ti...
Gunslinger Engineer or Pyro? 2010-08-28
Who do you believe to be the more overall powerful of the two? This question is posed assuming al...
please participate and vote for your favourite characters, games ....
Pokemon Games 2008-01-22
Which ones do you like?
Best fighting game 2004-06-03
what are the best fighting games ever
What kind of death penalty would you prefer for Star Trek Online? 2010-03-09 (closed)
We want to know how many people want what kind of death penalty for Star Trek Online.
Sengoku Basara vs. Sengoku Musou! - Character edition 2014-05-05
Let's figure out which series has the better characters! This poll will compare the historical fi...
Truth or Dare ideas to make it better 2005-04-04
please vote and maybe try some of these ideas for truth or dare
Final Fantasy couples 2006-05-13
Final Fantasy couple polls are very important to me so i made one!
Roblox Vs. Minecraft 2012-11-07
Which sandbox game is better?
Dynasty Warriors 2006-07-24
just a bit about you and Dynasty Warriors
Video Game Character Battle 2009 2009-05-11
Video Game Character Battle
i love pokemon 2006-07-06
i like pokemon do you?
Call of Duty Poll #2 2010-01-14
This is my second CoD poll. The First one i closed cause of Modern Warfare 2. So here's an upda...
Ok, we all know the answer to this, but just for fun, which Final Fantasy in the main series is t...
D&D Version 2011-06-04 (closed)
What version(s) of D&D do you play
Will u wait til winter? 2010-06-16
Are you willing to wait until winter 2010 to be able to play a finalized international closed bet...
Joymax BAN 2009-07-17
I'm sure am sorry it has come to this. A ban poll. Joymax has made it impossible for free users t...