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Best TF2 Hat 2010-07-28 (closed)
Best TF2 Hat
Mortal Kombat DLC Poll 2011-01-21
Mortal Kombat DLC Poll
Wii vs Ps3 vs Xbox 360 2006-10-17
this poll states which console most people prefer
[EU]Server Choice for Age of Conan EA 2008-05-22
[EU]Server Choice for Age of Conan EA
A better pokemon poll!!! 2006-08-21
Because all the pokemon polls are extremely old.
The "OFFICIAL" Age of Conan Detailed Poll Analysis 2008-07-08
This poll goes over whether or not you are happy playing Age of Conan
Microtransactions in Champions Online 2009-07-17
This poll is to get a general feel of whether players who read the Champions Online forums seem i...
Video Game Poll 2002-01-03
This poll is a survey of general questions targeted to video gamers. This poll also involves the ...
Dawn of War (+Dark Crusade) 2006-12-21
About the Warhammer 40,000 RTS
Greatest Superhero 2002-06-26
Through the years the have greats, but who is the greatest?
Age Of Conan Poll 2008-07-18 (closed)
PLEASE NOTE: All CHOICES are randomally placed you will have to LOOK for the CORRECT RESPONS...
Mortal Kombat 9 2010-03-25 (closed)
This is a poll for the fans of Mortal Kombat to share their opinions on what features should appe...
WWE SVR 2010 Characters 2008-11-06 (closed)
WWE SVR 2010 Characters
Best Final Fantasy Poll 2005-03-23
best FFX poll in the world
Strip Games 2002-03-04
I love to play strip poker.
mario quiz 2005-10-26
u think u know mario?lets see
Best Zelda Game? 2007-11-09
I wish to find out which of the following Zelda games people consider as the best, please do not ...
Pokemon Poll 2005-07-29
My friends and I still haven't grown out of Pokemon. The TV show is gay, but the concept is fasc...
Mario vs Sonic 2011-01-07
A clash of two legendary game series!
Final Fantasy VII vs. Final Fantasy X 2006-03-07
My personal favorite Final Fantasy was VII, but I liked X as well. I want to know what you think....
Hardest Video Game Ever 2004-02-28
Hardest Video Game Ever (Not in alphabetical order as I add new games frquently). If I've left a...
Greatest Comic Book Superhero Battles 2001-07-03
Any fan of Comic Book Superheroes has probably wondered who would win some of the battles between...
New Soul Calibur game - Wishlist 2011-03-08
A very general poll, panning what characters and features we'd like to see in the upcoming Soul C...
The 1st Rappelz Poll 2006-12-27
This is the first, last, and the only poll for Rappelz before E3 goes live.
Dead Or Alive Girls 2009-06-05
Who's your favorite DOA girl ?