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Xbox 360 VS. Playstation 3 2006-11-19
This poll is to see which machine will dominate over the other.
Diapering Final Fantasy characters? 2008-01-20
Have you ever played Final Fantasy and figured "they should be wearing a diaper"? I'll...
Spin The Bottle 2005-08-09
This is a poll about the game spin the bottle and the various ways to play.
Truth or Dare 2008-10-17
Questions about playing 'Truth or Dare'.
super smash bros. brawl characters 2005-12-28
this poll is about of what characters you would like to see in super smash bros. 3 (brawl)for the...
Dragon Ball Z vs Marvel vs DC vs Capcom vs Mortal Kombat Video Game 2008-11-21
this is a poll asking what would you want in a video game featuring these 5 Brands
Mortal Kombat!!!! 2008-01-22
The ultimate Mortal Kombat poll.
Total War Mods 2009-02-10 (closed)
A questionnaire to gauge the opinions of Total War players in regard to Total War mods (modificat...
Classes of Star Trek Online 2010-01-01 (closed)
This poll is designed to determine which class you plan on playing in the upcoming Star Trek Onli...
Mortal Kombat Poll-Characters 2011-01-25
Vote in a series of questions about your fav. characters.
Mortal Kombat 9 Official Poll (NEW!) 2010-07-10 (closed)
This is a poll for the upcoming Mortal Kombat video game released in 2011. Vote and share your op...
State of the Fortress Poll 2009-12-21
This is a poll to get a general consensus about what the Team Fortress 2 community is thinking ab...
SvR 2012 Legends Poll 2010-11-07
SvR 2012 Legends Poll
Super Smash Bros 4 Newcomers 2011-09-14
Vote for newcomers you would like to see playable in the next Super Smash Bros.
The Mass Public MK Smoke Poll 2010-11-07 (closed)
The composite opinion of Mortal Kombat forum communities about Smoke and his setup in the upcomin...
What is your favorite competitive halo map? 2010-05-29 (closed)
This should be based on a combination of the maps current gameplay and the potential it could hav...
Are you buying Modern Warfare 2 for PC, Xbox 360, or PS3 2009-11-07
Please take the time to choose one of the following. If you are/were buying Call of Duty Modern W...
Who is the greatest superhero? 2002-06-25
Of all the superheroes there have been great ones, but who is the greatest?
The House of the Dead series 2007-09-01
This is a poll about all of the house of the dead games, even house of the dead 5
Dawn Of War Best Race 2007-10-04
Who do you think is the best class On Dawn of War ? (Including winter assualt and dark crusade)
Minecraft vs Terraria 2015-08-13
Minecraft and Terraria are both sandbox games where you gather resources, survive hostile mobs, a...
The Ultimative Legend of Zelda Poll 2009-02-04
Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and more
Super Smash Brothers 4 poll, Part 1: Characters! 2009-04-12
Here is another Smash Bros poll. Here we go...
A Very Lengthy Final Fantasy Poll 2005-06-27
This poll is very long. You might want to consider only answering certain questions...
Sonic The Hedgehog vs Mario 2010-07-14
The fast, blue hedgehog from Sega and the chubby plumber with a red hat from Nintendo.