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Favorite Color for an Oekaki Template! 2006-07-07
I'm taking a poll to give me ideas for my Oekaki's next template!
Live Wire 2006-07-01
Have you ever heard of Live wire? It is a really cool site that you can go on to get support, mak...
LimeWire 2006-06-21
this poll is about the file sharing program limewire
Money for charity 2006-06-13
Finding better ways to raise money for charity
you tube vs my space 2006-06-12
Older Men and Women 2006-06-11
This poll is about what you think about older men and woman that try to entice teens to party or...
MYSPACE 2006-06-09
MYSPACE here to stay? going away?
PIPE Poll 2006-06-07
You don't have to be 18yrs before you can vote! Share your opinion now.
Misterpoll Survey & Opinions 2006-06-06
Just thought I'd make a poll about how you all find the site!!
Are you aware that all these polls are meaningless? 2006-06-06
For various reasons, the results of these polls are totally bogus and mean nothing. For example,...
Gmail 2006-05-31
All of the Gmail users out there, how many of you like it? Please Respond
Gamespot vs. IGN 2006-05-30
Which rating site is better?
What is blog site is better? 2006-05-26
I'm trying to find out what people think about blog sites. I'd like to know which one is better t...
Journal Sites 2006-05-25
Which journal site is better?
YTMND - You're the man now, dog! 2006-04-30
Some questions 'bout YTMND.
Test1 2006-04-30
hello this is just a test
Online communities Poll 2006-04-26
user perceptions of online communities
Podcasting Poll 2006-04-26
familiarity and use of podcasting
wwe.com 2006-04-22
Hello this is a poll on wwe.com
Internet Services 2006-04-19
Poll for all kinds of Internet Services you know. OR just see the results to know more about va...
Mister Poll 2006-04-18
A review on this site
Does Myspace = LIFE? 2006-04-03
So please tell me, do you believe everything that you read on someones profile? yes or no Myspace...
Web passwords 2006-03-31
How secure are your Web passwords?
Websense 2006-03-31
How do you feel about the granddaddy of all firewalls?
What's your favorite search engine? 2006-03-25
About: Search engines