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Club Penguin VS Runescape 2007-08-16
Please Vote
You Tube 2007-08-08
I have noticed that many individuals giving their opinions at you tube, cannot do so without usin...
sites and other stuff 2007-08-06
I will add some things to this poll so it can be good
I-Wrestling Poll 2007-08-06
This is for you I-Wrestlers to choose your favorites and decide what league truly is the better I...
Peer 2 Peer Downloading. 2007-08-04
I'm trying to find out how many people have used P2P engines such as Limewire, Kazza, Frostwire, ...
miniclip good or bad? 2007-08-04
I would like to know how many people like miniclip and how many dont
Is Myspace over rated? 2007-07-28
does myspace get too much attention?
Make this world better 2007-07-25
Idea is to make this world better place by just doing a little effort on very ground level with f...
Internet Show 2007-07-24
Trying to develop a concept for potentially launching a live show on the internet.
Which name should I choose? 2007-07-24
I just got accepted to become a Suicide Girl and I can't decide what name to use. My boyfriend ca...
which wow class do you think is better 2007-07-21
me and my friend keep fighting about which class is better in world of warcraft.please help us
Myspace V.S. Facebook 2007-07-20
Which is better? you decide!
Tell me about YOU 2007-07-20
I'm interested to know who enjoys misterpoll.
What Is the BEST internet parody/spoof ever? 2007-07-03
There are a lot of funny parodies/spoofs on the internet. But I want to know which one is the bes...
Are YOU addicted to YouTube? 2007-07-03
I am one of many YouTube addicts out there!!! Are you?
HotorNot ratings poll 2007-07-03
This poll is for users familiar with the website hotornot.com. I have found that the ratings o...
Is a Newsgroup a forum? 2007-06-20
Thinking about the accepted meaning of the word forum, do you think it is perfectly reasonable to...
Online Video 2007-06-15
Analysis of the Strategies involved in the online video industry, please take your time and answe...
The YouTube Poll 2007-06-09
The YouTube poll
Do you have a myspace? 2007-06-04
Do you have a profile at MySpace?
What Items would you buy from the internet? 2007-05-21
What type of items you would centaintly buy from the internet?
Fanfiction 2007-05-10
I've seen one or two good polls about fanfiction one here. So, I figured I'd try my hand at one.
Facebook Friend Interaction Poll: 2007-04-19
The number of facebook friends you have vs how many you actually interact with.
Instant Messaging Survey 2007-04-19
The use of IM porgrams and their effects on real-life social networks.
Ebay Poll 2007-04-07
Do you buy anything off ebay?