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Best Disney Villains 2006-07-23
Which villain is the best?
Brokeback Vs. Crash 2006-07-29
What film do you think was better?
The original Star Trek went off the air in 1969.It's been celebrated as a sci-fi milestone--tack...
High School Musical 2006-08-15
This poll is only for people who enjoyed High School Musical.
80s cartoon serial movies 2006-08-21
Transformers is finally being made. I think it'll be massive! I think they should make other movi...
What do you think about The OC evaluation through seasons? 2006-08-28
This poll is about the evaluation of situations and characters throughout the different seasons f...
the ultimate slasher showdown 2006-08-31
who would win?: all the slashers
which Lord of the Rings man is the hottest? 2006-09-05
tell me what you think.
Best Movie Ever Tournament Round 3 2006-09-06
Which movie is the best? I have seen all of these movies
Horror scenery 2006-09-08
Where can they shoot the best horror movie?
The Greatest Film Directors 2006-09-18
Just vote for who you think is the greatest director which ever lived.
BIG Horror Movie Battle 2006-09-19
Vote for the better one.
Movies Movies Movies 2006-10-02
Poll about Movies
The Stiller/Sandler gang 2006-10-04
I've noticed that lately there seems to be this big gang of actor chums who keep apearing in each...
Favourtie Movie Genre 2006-10-07
This Poll is part of a survey so please take you time to answer, thank you.
Star Wars 2006-10-09
Who would win in an all out light saber battle
Movie Showdown (Round 3) 2006-10-10
Vote 4 da best
Scary Movie Villains! 2006-10-11
Who is the scariest villain in your oppinion? These bad dudes are from various movies, if you can...
Which of these movies that I watched in Sept 06 is better? 2006-10-13
Which movie is better?
Martial arts movies 2006-10-19
this is a poll about martial art films
ultimate final destinations 2006-10-19
the ultimate deaths
Scary Movies of 06 2006-10-23
This has been a good year for scary movies
Favorite Actors/ Actress' 2006-10-28
Whos your favorite?
This is THRILLER! 2006-10-29
Good day! This is Vincent Price. You are... THE THRILLER! LOL This poll is about Michael Jack...
KILL BILL! 2006-11-03
the kill bill killers