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Best movie ever round 1 2007-07-21
These are my 32 favorite movies paired off 1 vs. 32, 2 vs. 31, etc. Simply pick your favorite in ...
Snape Quest 2007-07-22
What is the true nature of Severus Snape?
Best Movie Ever Round 1 2007-07-23
vote on which one of these box office hits that i like is best and worse until 1 winner remains.
favourite films 2007-07-24
mark yor fave films u can do more than 1
Favorite Comedy Movies 2007-07-25
Favoruite Pirates of the Caribbean Movie 2007-08-08
Pick your favourite!
Horror Movie Company 2007-08-13
Names of made-up Horror Movie companies.
The Greatest Movie Director of All Time 2007-08-22
Hey, I thought it would be interesting to find out who the majority of the public feel is the gre...
HARRY POTTER!! 2007-09-01
Everything you [and i] want to know about the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter!
BEAN 2007-09-02
It's all in the title.
This is a poll for the fan of Movie Musicals.
High School Musical 2 2007-09-14
The long anticapted sequel to High School Musical has finally arrived! This poll is for people wh...
best horror films of the 1990's and 2000's (so far) 2007-09-30
this will be similar to my 70's and 80's poll. when the results are tallied i'll take the winner ...
top 10 stephen king film adaptations 2007-10-01
this poll is to determine the top 10 stephen king film adaptations. once the top 10 is determined...
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the ultimate poll) 2007-10-02
Leatherface poll
The Big Horror Face Off 2007-10-26
Who Would Win !?!
the Saw movies 2007-10-26
these are by far the GREATEST movies EVER in my opinion. they carry such a strong message about l...
Freddy VS Jason 2 2007-11-08
what should it be
Jason vs Freddy vs Leatherface vs Michael vs Pinhead 2007-11-13
Who Would Win
Winged Freak Terrorizes 2007-11-27
Who was the best Batman ?
which movie is better? 2007-12-03
if u had 2 buy either of these on DVD which would b the better choice?
Best Villans 2007-12-06
which one is the best bad guy?
Villains in Stanley Kubrick films 2007-12-06
Stanley Kubrick's films have excellent characters particularly the villains. Which one do you fin...
Horror classics 2007-12-06
Movie tastes