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Top 10 horror movies of all time! 2006-11-05
In this poll you will select your ten favorite horror movies. Be honest!
whos your favorite horror character? 2006-11-13
Which movie I watched in Oct. 06 is better 2006-11-15
The Ultimate Battle 2006-11-19
A tournament deciding who would win out of two people.
MPAA 2006-11-23
do 15 year old teenagers are mature enough to watch rate R movie on their own without parents.
Star Wars planets 2006-12-09
high school musical(hatters only) 2006-12-09
if you HATE hms this is the poll for you!!!!
HORROR from books to movies 2006-12-21
Hi im doing this poll beoures im not happy with most horror movies that come out but when i read ...
What is your favorite movie? 2006-12-27
What is your favorite movie?
Rocky Balboa 2006-12-31
This poll is about the boxing movie series Rocky
What was the best horror movie of 2006 2007-01-10
Which of these movies that I watched in Dec 06 is better? 2007-01-23
Which movie is better?
2007 movies 2007-02-03
A lot of awesome movies are coming out next summer. I believe Transformers will awe and amaze th...
PAN'S LABYRINTH 2007-02-11
Pan's Labyrinth was the greatest movie I've ever seen!
Game-to-film Adaptations 2007-02-14
What are your thoughts on movies based on games?
Epic Movie the real poll 2007-02-22
well some loser made a stupid Epic Movie poll so im making a real one
Which of these movies that I watched in Jan 07 is better? 2007-02-26
Which Movie Is Better?
Best Actor of House of Wax 2007-03-06
Who is the best actor from House of Wax
Best Films of the Best Directors 2007-03-08
Below are a few of the foremost movie directors in modern film history and a list of all their fi...
Kiefer Sutherland. 2007-03-08
Kiefer Sutherland.
Favorites. 2007-03-12
Your Favorites.
Kingdom Hearts (Chain Of Memories) The Movie 2007-04-05
Hi tell me what you think.........
Your favourite Daniel Craig role 2007-04-13
Who is your favourite character that Daniel has played so far?
Scary Movies 1 2 3 and 4 2007-04-17
they rock