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Death Row Records vs. Bad Boy Entertainment 2007-02-11
Death Row Records vs. Bad Boy Entertainment
Pink Floyd vs. Led Zepplin 2007-05-18
Okay, the two of the best bands of all time, but the real question is, who's the best of the best.
Chris Cornell VS. Scott Weiland 2007-06-15
Both these dudes have fronted great grunge bands (Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots) and now front...
Best Pink Floyd Song/Album 2007-06-15
Trying to find out the best Pink Floyd Song and Album
metallica vs iron maiden 2008-03-13
this is metallica vs iron maiden who is the best the master of puppets? of mabe the trooper?
Music 2008-07-18
what is the best Phineas and Ferb song 2009-12-08
looking for your favorite Phineas and Ferb Song
Beatles 2012-01-25
Everything about beatles
Favorite Female Artist 2012-03-26
Vote now :)
Eminem VS 50 Cent VS Pitbull VS Flo Rida 2012-06-19
Eminem VS 50 Cent VS Pitbull VS Flo Rida
Favorite Female Artists 2013-01-07
Favorite Female Artists
What is your favourite colour? 2013-02-11
What is your favourite colour?
Favorite Lady Gaga Single 2014-10-20
Favorite Lady Gaga Single
Favorite Current Music 2000-12-12
Hi! This is just to see who is the best song, singer, group, etc. Have fun!
Is Britney Spears really a virgin? 2001-12-31
We're heading into the year 2002 and the question still reamains, is Britney Spears really a virg...
The BEST 1980s 80's Music Poll! 2002-02-11
I admit it; I'm biased for 1980s music because I attended junior high & high school in this d...
music! whats ur taste? 2002-05-19
Im just interested in what music ur all into...so go ahead, take the quiz!
Which is the better artist? (remastered!) 2002-09-22
Fans of my biggest poll franchise, the ultimate band vs band poll series (you know who you are) w...
The Rolling Stones Poll 2003-01-21
A poll where you can voice your opinions on The Rolling Stones.
choose your favorite country singer of all time.
Greatest Female Singer of All Time 2003-03-18
Who is your favorite Lady Singer?
This poll asks several questions about various rock bands.
50 or m 2003-08-02
this poll is about the best hip hop artists.
AC/DC or METALLICA 2004-01-16
who is better AC/DC or Metallica?
Clapton v.s Page 2004-02-18
This is a poll that i have devised to see who people prefer over these 2 legends of the guitar