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Greatest band of all time 2006-12-31
The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd are the best bands ever...
Guns N' Roses Vs. Nirvana 2007-10-02
Two GIANT Behemoths that towered of the land of Rock N' Roll (GN'R) and Alternative (Nirvana). Bu...
Boyband Spanking 2002-02-11
Your opinion on spanking boyband members. A poll for all, males and females, gay and straight.
Rap vs. Rock 2003-03-28
I'm doing a school paper and would like to know what you all think of the controversy between the...
Led Zeppelin vs Pink Floyd 2010-05-29
Led Zeppelin vs Pink Floyd
Elvis vs the Beatles vs Jackson 2004-11-22
Who really is the best in music history?
music 2016-10-13
Which type of music do you prefer Pop Country or Hip hop
PEARL JAM vs. NIRVANA 2004-12-10
In the "GREATEST BAND FROM EACH DECADE" poll, the only 2 bands tied - In the 90's, Pea...
Queen vs Led Zeppelin 2005-11-09
It seems that, on every poll where Queen and Led Zeppelin show up, they're both tied for #1. Who ...
Greatest Rock Ballad 2005-03-07
Hi I just wanted to know which of THESE you belive to be the greatest Rock Ballad of all time.......
The Compleat Beatles Poll 2001-08-01
This is the ultimate Beatle poll, the Beatle poll to end all Beatle polls. Any Beatle fans, music...
Eagles vs. Led Zeppelin 2012-05-18
Two Biggest Bands of the 70s
Meeky Mouse 2016-10-05
Who put meek to rest worse Drake or The Game
Greatest Male Rock Vocalists of all TIME 2005-04-24
Who is the greatest rock vocalists of all time?!
Musical Preference 2017-01-27
This poll will help to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of our society's taste in mu...
Is Nas a real thug/gangster? 2013-09-27
Is Nas a real thug/gangster?
Favorite guitars- Gibson vs. Fender 2005-08-17
This poll is basically summed up in the title, but theres some other stuff too
Greatest Song in History - An Epic Poll 2005-11-13
Here follows hundreds of masterpieces in music, listed in the order of singer or composer. Vote f...
Best Singer Of All Time 2009-05-14
Best Singer Of All Time
Wrestling/ Fighting Singers ft. Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj & More 2016-09-08
Most female singers are in peak physical condition but could they beat a male in a mixed fight? C...
Greatest Rappers Of All Time 2005-11-09
A few questions about some of the best rappers ever.
Megadeth VS Metallica 2006-04-06
Now, before ya'll accuse me for blapshemy for even comparing Megadeth to Metallica as most of you...
Metallica vs. Linkin Park 2007-10-26
Since the Iron Maiden vs. Linkin Park had an unrealistic outcome(Iron Maiden owns Linkin Park idi...
Taylor Swift Wrestling/ Fighting 2016-10-25
Taylor Swift is possibly the most dominate name in music, but could she dominate in a mixed fight...
Michael Jackson vs. Prince vs. Lionel Richie 2007-11-13
The 3 Best pop artists of the 80's, and one's case, of all time (Michael).