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As I lay Dying vs Darkest Hour vs Killswitch Engage vs All that Remains 2010-04-20
As I lay Dying vs Darkest Hour vs Killswitch Engage vs All that Remains
Best christmas song 2010-12-28
These are some of my favorites christmas songs,which one do you think is the best
Avril Lavigne vs. Taylor Swift 2011-06-04
Young female singer-songwriters face off!
Classical instruments 2013-09-27
Classical instruments
Pop Quiz 2015-08-21
Pop Quiz
*** Favorite Holiday Song *** 2002-12-13
I know this will be a hard question to answer, but I thought it would be a cool poll...I will pos...
Music Taste 2003-04-08
just curious about what people like ... MUSIC
SELENA OR J.LO 2004-02-11
Rap vs. Rock 2004-03-15
It's a big question, which is better?
Judas Priest favorite album and song. 2005-01-05
Vote for best album and song by Judas Priest.
Beatles poll 2005-07-21
the beatles are awesome, here are just some questions to see what other beatlefan's oppinions are
Favorite METALLICA Song From Each Album 2005-09-09
Choose your favorite song from each Metallica album.
BEST METAL BAND 2005-09-23
here's the top 25 of the most popular metal bands (by an online poll). Choose your favs!
50 Cent vs The Game 2005-11-09
50 Cent - Real?
Do You Care About Music? 2006-03-17
I am researching peoples ideas and attitudes towards music and how it may effect their lives.
Cinderella vs. Poison 2007-09-24
The two best Rock N' Rol Bands of the 80's (and early 90's) for sure. It could be argued the Cind...
less talk, more rock!!! 2008-04-14
less talk, more rock!!!
pop rock country r&b wrestling tournament 2008-07-31
pop rock country r&b wrestling tournament
Create your own band 2009-02-10
Create your own band
Favorite Wicked Song 2009-12-12
Best Rise Against album? 2011-12-16
Favorite Rise Against album.
The Beatles(white album) 2012-02-01
A general Poll about the 10th beatles studio album white album
indoor marching/drumline footwear 2012-08-27
What type of footwear does you indoor marching/percussion unit wear?
One Direction 2013-06-03
Directioners only please ;)
Poll for Classical Music Fans 2013-06-20
This is a poll for those who like classical music to share their opinions on this ever-so-diverse...