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SOAD steal this album best song 2003-10-14
Steal this album by System of a Down is probably the greatest album ever made. their best cd yet,...
Queen vs. Sweet 2007-07-22
Both these bands were amazing 70's Rock bands. But they were both unique with their vocal harmoni...
Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley 2007-10-15
Who do you think is the better overall entertainer?
Which Artist you most excited to perform in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? 2016-11-08
<img src=https://s12.postimg.org/jkyjzkn7x/original.jpg/> The musical lineup for the Vic...
Freddie Mercury vs. Bruce Dickinson (Better Vocalist) 2006-06-07
Who's a better vocalist?
The Rolling Stone 50 Greatest Albums Of All Time 2009-08-11
In November 2003 Rolling Stone magazine published a list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. ...
Best Artist of 2016 2017-01-10
Best Artist of 2016
METALLICA: Master Of Puppets VS Ride The Lightning 2005-12-31
Favorite Tatts Song 2013-07-08
Favorite Tatts Song
Statistics Poll 2016-10-04
favorite kind of music
Favorite Tatts Album 2013-07-08
Favorite Tatts Album
The Pink Floyd Poll 1999-02-14
This is it, finally a poll dedicated to Pink Floyd. Fill in the answers to the questions, then se...
Who is better Jay-Z or Nas? 2004-09-23
Who is better Jay-Z or Nas?
Metallica VS Iron Maiden VS Black Sabbath VS Judas Priest 2005-09-19
This the head to head heavy metal battle. Rock on.
Slipknot vs. Mastodon vs. Trivium vs. Avenged Sevenfold 2010-02-15
Slipknot vs. Mastodon vs. Trivium vs. Avenged Sevenfold
lsoing shoes at a concert 2014-02-19
Onnce a cleaning crew was cleaing up after a concert they found many shoes on the floor with the ...
Who is the Greatest Band in the world? 2016-09-08
Who is the Greatest Band in the world?
Who is the Greatest Rapper of all time? 2016-09-08
Greatest rapper of all time is....?
biggie vs tupac 2003-10-21
with two of the biggest names in rap who is better
Musical Bests 2005-07-06
This is poll to see who you think is the best in these catigories of rock music.
top 1000 rock and roll songs 2008-05-12
top 1000 rock and roll songs
Greatest Life Performer 2003-04-09
Singer / band with the best overall life performance ever.
Linkin Park vs. Iron Maiden 2005-05-31
This poll is comparing LInkin Park to Iron Maiden
ROCK vs Rap vs pop 2003-05-01
the three main types of music
What's good music? 2007-02-05
Tell me what music you like or don't