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School Life


Teen Girl Survey (Girls only please) 2002-08-06
This is a poll for any girls aged 16 or under to take part in.
How tall are you? 2002-06-07
Are you as tall as others of your age all around the world? Compare! This poll concerns boys. The...
High School, Friends, and Underwear (GUYS ONLY) 2013-01-03
A semi-awkward poll that has interesting questions...
High school: Looking up skirts 2007-03-13
Few garments make girls look more sexy than a really short skirt. I know that I have occasionally...
what do boys like in girls?middle skewl boys only pleeze!!!! 2004-02-17
hello.wut do boys want n a gurl?well hopefully,we can find out!!!this poll is gonna b long!but pl...
Boys Underwear(ages 10-20) 2009-05-22
just a poll to see what kind of underwear other teen guys wear
girls, do you wear miniskirts without panties at school? 2007-12-31
FOR GIRLS ONLY. This poll is for girls in grades 6-12. If you have ever worn a miniskirt without ...
Briefs and school 2007-07-22
At some schools, kids are picked on for wearing these, others, they're the most popular choice. W...
Boy's Locker room habits 2004-01-07
I was just curious as to how other boys do what they do in the locker room
Naked.. Brothers / Friends 2003-02-17
This poll is to see how many male teenagers have been seen naked by there friends and or parents.
High School Upskirts? 2002-09-01
I'm just curious as to how many people look up girls' skirts and what the girls think about it. ...
Boys: Sagging pants, untucked t-shirts and school dress code 2003-11-04
Many schools have dress codes, which don't allow to wear sagging pants or untucked t-shirts. But ...
Boys Showering at School (Teen Guys Only) 2002-02-14
Just wondering how many of you have to shower at school.
School Uniforms-Good or Bad? 2005-09-23
This poll is for a project. I want to find out how many people in each age group in question 1 ar...
puberty boys (13-19) 2006-03-15
Hi, I'm 14 years old and think I might be behind other people in my class. if you could do this p...
Have you ever bought a term paper? 2008-10-16
When you were in high school, college, or grad school, did you ever buy a term paper from someone...
Should Gym Class Showers Be Mandatory? 2008-11-18
When I grew up, we had to shower after gym class. Failure to shower, meant failing the class whic...
More questions on nude gym class (girls) 2003-08-28
I am intrigued by all the polls about girls doing gym nude or in undies. I have thought of some ...
School swimwear 2001-10-17
what did you wear to swim at primary school ?
teen male underwear choices (teen males only) 2009-05-11
teen male underwear choices (teen males only)
Boys being shirtless at school 2005-01-07
This poll is for boys and men to see if they have been/they are shirtless in school (as a student)
Boys who wear boxers 2009-08-31
Boys who wear boxers
Sexy High School Female Teachers 2007-01-02
A poll concerning hot female teachers in high school
Teen Back and Chest Hair 2004-09-20
For teen boys.
Boys earrings 2003-04-24
Many schools prohibit boys from wearing earrings. Do you think this is right or wrong. Also, if ...