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Posted in Male brides: is this our future? on 2022-10-09 12:01:31

Good afternoon Ma'am,

I'm now allowed limited and supervised internet access again. The Lady now controls my access and keeps me safe with PINs and passwords that only she knows. I'm ashamed of how I behaved. Out of regard for your good self, Ma'am, and to correct some of the untruths in my earlier messages, she is kindly allowing me to send you a short message. She will now see everything to ensure I'm telling you the truth.

It was disgraceful of me to describe the Lady as a controlling and oppressive bully. I'm very sorry indeed. As a timid and submissive lady-boy I require firm and decisive leadership. The Lady is an assertive and commanding leader, but always kind and considerate, very much including in the bedroom. She is the manly protector and provider while I am the dependent, feminine housewife. So she decides whatever is best for me and I Love, Honour and Obey.

It was false, ungrateful and wrong of me to tell you I didn't like wearing dresses. The Lady prefers to see me in a modest and ladylike dress and whatever she likes, I like too. She has been ever so generous buying me pretty, feminine dresses. And to teach me to fully appreciate them I now wear a uniform, a plain blue work-dress, as per a trainee nurse or a hotel-maid, and plain tights. It's fine. I enjoy wearing it and was so kind of you to tell me I'd look nice in it! She is taking me out later and she's chosen a very girly coc*tail dress for me in fuchsia tulle. I wear dresses all the time now and it imperative everyone gets to know me as a skirt-wearing housewife and treats me accordingly.

I've failed to offer you the full respect and deference that a feminised she-male owes an independent, liberated lady. It was discourteous and impertinent of me to address you as though I were your equal. I'm very sorry, but I'd feel a lot better addressing you as Ma'am or Madam if that would be OK? You could call me by my girl-name which is Tracey.

I'm being told to stop. The Lady is a dominant, manly alpha-female. With her permission and yours Ma'am, if I described her to you in greater detail, that might answer some of your questions. Please tell me if you'd like that Ma'am?



Posted in Male brides: is this our future? on 2022-10-05 08:26:05

Good morning Ma'am, Big mistake. The Lady discovered our dialogue and she isn't at all happy that I contacted you without her knowledge and permission. Out of consideration for you she is kindly allowing me to send this brief message. For the time being she is depriving me of internet access. As I've complained so much about the beautiful dresses she buys me, I'll have to wear a plain blue housemaid's dress until I learn to appreciate them. Hopefully she'll allow a more supervised contact in future.

Posted in Male brides: is this our future? on 2022-10-03 15:32:57

Hi Sue, It's lovely to hear from you. If you are the breadwinner and he does the houswork wearing a lady's blouse then you've made a great start.

The Lady is physically female and I'm physically male, but she demands a complete gender role reversal. In terms of behaviour she is the MAN and I am her WIFE! She is strict and bossy and controlling. I am girly and submissive. She wears the trousers literallly and metaphorically, I wear the skirt. She and her lesbian friends are very feminist. They aim to get all young men into skirts and dresses and subject to female control. She says that I was useless as a traditional male and that I'm more suited to serving a strong woman.

She has lesbian partners. Putting me into girl's clothing has completely suppressed my male instincts. Dresses and frilly knickers are a perfect form of 'soft chastity', I can't even pleasure myself anymore, no matter how hard I try.

I'm very shy about advising a lady, but I will suggest that what HE WANTS is irrelevant. YOU decide what YOU want and he has to do as he's told! I suggest that you get him into a girl's frilly pants and tights straightaway. And then get him into skirts. I can assure you that even effeminate men have a very deep fear of skirts! Invite all his friends and family round and make him wait on them in a dress and apron! That what happens to me. Parade him in public in his prettiest frock. That what happens to me. Then you will be in full control and he will fully respect you.

I lie awake at night, trying to forget my frilly nightie and dreaming of rebellion. But I have too much respect for the Lady and once I'm back in the dress and stockings of her choice, I feel helpelessly weak and feminine again.

Hope this helps!

Posted in Male brides: is this our future? on 2022-10-01 16:22:20

Hi, I'm the she-male who created the poll and I'd thought I'd give you an update! I love being a looked-after Mrs. I get goosebumps when the Lady brings me little treats of flowers, chocolates or underwear! She is genuinely affectionate and it's lovely when she takes me out. I love being on her arm and treatyed like a lady, if only I didn't have to wear a DRESS, but more about that later.

I'm training myself to do as I'm told all the time - not always easy but better than pretending to be a dominant male, I was never any good at that.

Officially I'm not allowed to drink or smoke, and no spicy food. She enjoys all these of course. But I do have a crafty bottle of vodka and a packet of ciggies hidden in my panty drawer! And some extra-strong mints of course!

Housework is OK. I've learnt to clean extra thoroughly - the Lady tyears me off a strip if she finds a trace of dirt. I love doing her laundry and ironing - not so happy when I have to do it for her lesbian friends. I'm still not much good at cookery.

I'm learning so much about makeup, feminine grooming and feminine deportment. Sit to pee, sit with knees together etc. The Lady wants me to be a heterosexual but thoroughly feminised she-male. She is very clear that I'm a wife, not a house-husband. Formally I'm Mrs Richard HerName. The Lady is very clear that she wants everyone to know that I'm a feminised and submisive MALE, not gay or trans.

I shyly and submissively serve her pleasure in the bedroom. Such a relief not struggling to be the dominant, assertive male, although I do wish she didn't make me wear a frilly nightie (yuck!). She goes naked. I have to say that she can be quite rough and agressive...I won't say more except that penetrative s*x in an absolute no-no.

I wage a ceasless war on leg hair and body hair. And yes, she does put on rubber gloves and close shave me 'down there' in case you are wondering.

I take a lot of oestrogen tablets and spent hours rubbing my nipples with enhancement creams. The Lady has booked me in for breast implants next month. I'm not sure how I feel about filling out my own bra - it feels like a point of no return...

The Lady disposed of all my male clothes long ago and has bought a set of dresses for me. Modest and ladylike femininity, nothing short or revealing. She wears trousers 100% of course.

So I'm OK with housework and kind of OK with the makeup and nail varnish, if only I didn't have to wear DRESSES ALL THE TIME. I mean wearing girl's skirts and aprons in private is bnad enough, but when I have to spend time with friends and family, wearing a modest full-skirted, ruiffle-necked DRESS over a corselet, stockings and petticoats - well I do feel kind of excited but also totally embarrassed and humiliated. The Lady says that this discomfort is caused by my male ego and I'll just have to get used to it. She says I'm just getting a deserved taste of the oppression that women suffered from men for centuries. She says that if I wear dresses 24/7 I'll get used to it and maybe even start enjoying it. She often tells me how pretty I look, which does give me goosebumps!

The key reason of course is that she uses dresses to keep me technically male while completely suppressing my masculine libido. I mean I can't feel very macho in frilly knickers, petticoats and a knee-length skirt. I'm resigned to it, maybe it is for the best. As the Lady says, I wasn't any good as a man and she says I'll be more use to her as a housewife. She and her lesbian friends agree that the best way of controlling men is to get us into skirts and dresses and they look forward to a time when we'll all have to wear them.

I was a huge shock for friends and family to actually see me as a bride in my princess wedding dress and veil, and to hear me making my vows as a WIFE. My two younger sisters now think that seeing me in a dress is a good laugh and my mother is kind. Dad does his best but still isn't fully comfortable. The Lady's lesbian friends pay me pretty compliments but treat me as a natural inferior. Gay men are really cool. Straight girls are mostly kind and supportive although some can be bitchy. Just as they switch to trousers, they see getting men into skirts and dresses as a positive development. Mostly they see getting en iI have to be VERY careful with straight guys, some would love to beat me up or rape me. Others are clearly fascinated - they ask me very quietly if they could visit one day and try on my dresses!

So I'm far from alone. Just as a growing number of strong, confident touser-wearing feminists and lesbians want to discipline and domesticate a young man, and see skirts and dresses as a poweful enabler, a growing number of young men are both scaed and tempted by the pospect of being disciplined, feminised and domesticated by a strong woman. So I guess it is a win-win!!

That's all for now!

It's been ages since I posted so I thought I'd let you know what's been going on.

First of all, I now share my husband with 2 other wives! Rabia (original name Tanya) is a beautiful Ukrainian girl who was kidnapped by a gang of people traffickers. My husband bought her via a website and as she expected to end her days in a brothel she is incredibly grateful to him. Rabia now has a baby daughter. Although Ramda is only 15 she has just given birth to a SON so Rabia and I are expected to wait on her hand and foot. My Muslim name is Rasha and I have 5 daughters. My husband loves them dearly but obviously I've lost status by failing to give him a SON. I was anything but happy to become a polygamous wife but there is always company and help with the chores. And it's God's law so I have no right to complain.

My girls run around freely and the older 2 LOVE school. Obviously this will all cease once they show the first signs of puberty and start to veil. My husband wants them all to be housewives by their mid-teens. He says that a convert mother must be extra-careful not to harm her daughters' marriage prospects.

I developed a very nice social life with a group of convert wives. Most of them are Swedish or Norwegian, Scandinavian blondes being much in demand as brides. Some of them are strong feminists who found adapting to polygamous relationships, seclusion and a strict Islamic dress code very onerous. My special friend was Kadeejah (formerly Kristin) a tall and bubbly ex-artist from Tromso. She was the most articulate and assertive and became our unofficial leader. She was also one of the very few of us who had never been circumcised. We were able to push back the boundaries a little with group outings to the Ladies Mall and unsupervised parties in each other's homes. Once free from all our layers of black nylon we reverted to our previous selves. Kristin used to smuggle in small quantities of vodka in a lemonade bottle and once she even turned up in jeans although we agreed that was a bit TOO daring! We had lots of laughs and speculated endlessly about recovering little bits of freedom. After a lot of nervous hesitation I plucked up the courage to speak to my husband. He was sympathetic to the idea of a weekly ladies-only session in our magnificent (and men only) swimming pool - early in the morning when no men use it anyway, although he said we'd all have to wear burkinis. Ditto the gym, with long skirts and hijab. Adding Western lady artistes to our deathly-dull Ladies TV channel was OK, but only if there was nothing indecent or immoral about the performances. He was against adding a World News programme as he said that ladies had no legitimate interests outside the home. There was no point in arguing against circumcision - it is universally believed to make us more faithful - but he did agree that it should always be performed by qualified lady-doctors in a proper hospital. He did promise to speak to the authorities. He got very irritable when I tried to discuss the dress code. If thick black stockings and long black gloves were really so uncomfortable in the humid heat then we could always stay at home (grrrr!!!!). I didn't dare mention our crazier demands like burning our niqabs, driving licenses for women or internet / email accounts in our own right rather than controlled by our husbands. This good start got spoiled when the more strident feminists started planning a very modest women's rights demo in the Ladies Mall, displaying a banner and handing out leaflets. I started to worry if rebelling against restrictions which millions of our Muslim sisters willingly submitted to made us bad Muslimahs. And I got very frightened about what might happen to us after the demo. At the very last minute I confessed to my mother-in-law who alerted my husband who alerted the other husbands etc...I'm happy to report that I did benefit from my confession. My husband bought me some beautiful silk dresses so I swan around the house as Rabia and Ramda go literally green with envy! Result!!! I don't know what happened to all my friends but let's say that there won't be any opportunities for feminism for a LONG TIME. My mother-in-law told me that Kadeejah is locked up in her home awaiting circumcision. She'll experiencing a great deal of fear and disgust but maybe it will do her good - being 'cut' put an end to some of my wilder fantasies, s*xual and otherwise!

My great fear is that my husband will send me to his ancestral village. He says that living in a stronghold of conservative values and learning the simple piety and traditional ways of the village housewives would be very good for me. All I can imagine is heat, dust, flies and isolation. I've promised to forget my foreign ways. From now on it will Islam, local food, baggy skirts, Arabic music and the local Arabic dialect. Wish me luck!