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HP vs Dell 2007-07-20
Which is better HP or Dell
Club Penguin 2007-07-03
This poll is for Club penguin members. it`s to see what members are like on Club Penguin, oh by t...
Computers 2007-07-03
This is a poll to help me out in a project I am currently working on. Please participate, and ans...
Playstation 3 Glitching 2007-06-09
A poll for a forum at gamespot.com to see how people find glitching on Resistance: Fall of Man
What type of computer monitor do you have? 2007-06-08
What type of computer monitor do you have? A CRT (old larger style monitors) or an LCD (flat pan...
zune vs. iPod 2007-06-08
Which do you prefer?
Is your computer up to PAR? 2007-06-06
Is your store brought PC up to the challenge? Can it handle today’s software?
What brand keyboard do you use? 2007-05-10
What brand keyboard are you using right now?
Your Computer 2007-05-10
This is a poll abut your computer.
Your Favorite Website 2007-05-04
I want to find out the best websites in certain categories.
Should WindowsX Create there own OS system? 2007-05-01
Should WindowsX Create there own OS system?
Have you upgraded to Windows Vista? 2007-04-23
Have you upgraded to Windows Vista?
RAC Justification 2007-04-19
This is a poll to about why you are using RAC. If you don't know what RAC is, then this poll will...
Apple Mac vs Microsoft Windows 2007-03-29
A poll just to know your opinions on which is the better OS.
Security vs Security 2007-03-25
Have you, a security professional, ever willingly circumvented a security measure?
Poll of the day 2007-02-13
Whats your favorite p2p program?????
Better Firewall? 2007-02-03
Which firewall is the better one?
What do you feel about Windows Vista? 2007-02-03
Hi Everyone... Welcome to the first <a href="http://technologyfirst.blogspot.com">...
Student Verification 2007-01-23
A scanning system that students use when boarding or disembarking a school bus and entering and e...
For the sake of an application... 2007-01-18
You are a fan of KDE (and of Qt), but you need an application that relies on GNOME (and GTK+). Or...
Zonealarm Firewall Vs Windows Firewall 2007-01-15
Which should you use?
Macromedia Flash 2007-01-10
A Survey/Poll Of Flash.
Computers 2007-01-02
This poll is to find out how many people have computer issues.
Dell Vs. other computer brand 2007-01-02
As I want to know which computer brand is the best, so please answer the following questions below.
Dell Or Mac 2006-12-28
Do you like Apple or Dell Better