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What you think about Wireless Communication? 2006-04-26
What do you think about wireless communication?
do you have a myspace profile 2006-04-26
this is a poll to see how many people have myspace
Future of Encryption 2006-04-26
Computers are getting faster and faster - where does that leave encryption?
CMYK vs RGB 2006-04-25
which do you prefer? CMYK stands for: <font color="cyan"><b>C</b>...
Handwritting Fonts 2006-04-19
Having your handwritting made into a font
which kind of computere do u like better, macs or pcs
what are the specs of your computer? 2006-04-17
Just wondering what everyone has out there. (if you know very little about your computer I'd sugg...
Gizmo breakage 2006-03-20
What's the lifetime total value of electronic devices that you broke by dropping them?
Your Keyboard 2006-03-20
How do you type on your keyboard?
Web Browser Questionnaire 2006-03-19
After gaining useful information from this questionnaire, we will design the most user friendly w...
How much computer? 2006-03-15
How much time do you spend in front of the computer?
What do you do with system logs? 2006-03-12
The poll on "What do you do with system logs?" aims at establishing "best practice...
Robot clothing 2006-03-07
In science fictiion it has been widely speculated that in the future when robots become a larger ...
M4 Breakers 2006-03-06
The M4 Project is an effort to break 3 original Enigma messages with the help of distributed comp...
Headset Comparison 2006-03-04
After listening to various MP3 files, I ask people to vote for which one is best.
Artificial Intelligence. 2006-02-15
By reading the title of this poll, you can tell that is about 1 the most hotly debated scientific...
iPods 2006-02-13
This poll is too see which iPods are used the most
The Palm Addict 2006 Reader Award 2006-01-19
Palm Addict readers have the opportunity for the next 52 weeks to vote for the best of Palm resou...
Mac vs. PC 2006-01-18
A little consensus to determine which computer is more prevalent.
Student Technology Survey 2006-01-15
This poll was created for elementary students in order to determine the level of their technology...
The best maker of laptops. 2006-01-15
Laptops are becoming more and more popular as they outsell destops.
what are the specs! 2006-01-09
i am bored and thought i should do this poll
Computers 2005-12-28
About Computers
Doctoring that computer... time to keep your home pc healthy 2005-12-26
This poll is about the time you spend each month on fighting viruses, creating backups, performin...
Apple iPod 2005-12-23
Tell me a little bit about the iPod